Just after a few days of being named, the Minister of Culture and Arts in Chile renounced

After the controversy related to what Mauricio Rojas expressed about the Museum of Memory and Human Rights. Today, he has presented his resignation.

In 2015, Mauricio Rojas, said in his book Dialogos de Conversos, about the Museum of Memory and Human Rights, that: “More than a museum it is a farce which purpose is definitely impact to the spectator, astonished him, preventing his reasoning.” Besides, there was a “shameless and lying use of a national tragedy that marked us directly and severely.” Because of these statements, several unions, associations and national artists protested through their social media, calling for signing and creating different movements demanding the dismissal of the Minister.

Sebastian Piñera accepts Mauricio Rojas’s resignation
Chile’s Government accepts the resignation of Mauricio Rojas and names Consuelo Valdés as the new Minister of Culture and Arts

In a following interview, Rojas stated that he considered the Museum as a “way to create a true trauma (…) it is a left-wing museum telling a fake version of the history of Chile because it hides important parts such as: how do we start hating in that way.”

Cultural movements

Amongst the most noted facts is the Raúl Zurita’s campaign where he called to not participate in events where the minister attends. Besides, the just named Minister would be debuting in the celebration of Los Jaivas’ 50 years, but because of the controversy, it was cancelled.

Also, Ignacio Achurra, President of Screen Actors Guild, emphasized that: “Minimizing crimes against humanity during the Dictatorship break a universal basic agreement. We believe that the Minister is unable to work and we are not available to initiate activities with the Minister. We ask his resignation as soon as possible.” According to the newspaper La Tercera. Carlos Peña, Dean of Diego Portales University and board member of the foundation that the Museum of Memory depends, said in a letter to El Mercurio that authority must “face the consequences” of his “considered” expressions and “not trying to avoid it through a tweet.” And he added, “We do not have to minimize what he said. Of course, it is about offensive expressions to everyone who participated in the museum design, everyone who elaborated, in the eyes of the minister, a trick, a lie, a simple wicked manipulation of the history.”

The Minister of the General Secretariat of the Presidency, Gonzalo Blumel, said in Hablemos en Off that “the President Sebastian Piñera has had a systematic defense of Human Rights, Minister Mauricio Rojas’ expressions are a mistake.”

This Wednesday, August 15th, an act of reparation is convened at the Museum of Memory’s plinth.

Mauricio Rojas’ reaction

Even though during all weekend, Mauricio Rojas communicated through twitter that those expressions “do not reflect my current position.” Apparently, his explanations were not enough.

“There is no statement to make today,” those were the words of the Minister of Culture, Arts and Heritage, Mauricio Rojas, at the moment he was approached by the press in the vicinity of the distribution, just when presidents of the political party Chile Vamos’ were being notified about Rojas’ resignation. Source: Diario Financiero.

Reaction of Chilean Government

According to Bío Bío Chile, the Government accepted his decision and a statement on behalf of the President Sebastian Piñera was confirmed at La Moneda in order to make official his release from the cabinet, which also suffered changes in Education and Environment on Thursday.

Sources: La Tercera, Duna, El Desconcierto, Diario Financiero, Radio U. de Chile, Bío Bío Chile.




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