New MAVI Actual Foundation Grant

The artists’ application to the MAVI Actual Foundation Grant is free and it will be available since August first to October first, 2018.

This Grant was created with the purpose of supporting mid-career artists’ production, and it is developed by Actual Foundation together with Visual Art Museum (MAVI). The main goal of this grant is to encourage the development of Chilean contemporary art, which motivates artists to achieve consolidation and recognition for their works.

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In this first version of the Grant, the subject is free and only exhibition projects in two-dimensional format will be accepted.  The grant-holding artist receives an economic contribution for 18 months in order to develop an individual exhibition at MAVI’s. Specifically, the artist will receive $10.000.000 CLP that will be distributed in 18 monthly gross wages of $555.555 CLP. The artist will have the possibility to show his individual exhibition at MAVI’s room 1 and 2, during the second semester of 2020.

In order to postulate to the first version of MAVI Actual Foundation Grant, you have to fulfill the fallowing requirements: being a Chilean visual artist, being a resident in Chile, being between the ages of 35 and 55 at the moment you postulate and have displayed individual or collectively in the last three years.

Actual Foundation is a non-profit organization created by “Inmobiliaria Actual.” Its main goal is to support the development of visual arts in Chile and to bring art to the city and people.

Angélica Gellona, CEO of Actual Foundation, explains that “as Actual Foundation, we want to be a real contribution to the development of art, and to do that, we have to support artists. In this way, there are several initiatives that motivate emerging artists’ career. Usually, renowned artists have more possibilities to live from their works. However, mid-career artists, whom this grant is directed, even though they have practiced their profession for over 20 years, they often have to work in different activities just to be able to settle the expenses that an artistic production implies.  That is why this grant is going to give an economic support to a mid-career artist that is working in the stage of production, so he can be fully dedicated to the creation of his works. Also, we think that is an important period for the acknowledgement of an artist’s career and it is a significant boost to an artist in order to continue with his work.”

On the other hand, Cecilia Bravo, CEO of MAVI, expresses that “we fell proud of developing a new alliance with Actual Foundation, which allow us to encourage the development of visual arts in Chile. For three years, we have successfully prizewinning artists under the age of 35 with the Young Art Award. Today, we initiate with this grant oriented to the next stage with the purpose of contribute with artists’ consolidation that have proved a consistent and renowned work. We believe that grants, contests and awards are essential tools to both the artists and to us as a museum for recognizing the national work and for contributing the strengthening of this.”

María Irene Alcalde, MAVI’s curator, expresses that it’s important for the museum that there is recognition for mid-career artists, which they are currently working in an artistic production. “This award is coming to consolidate the work done by national artists who belong to the mentioned generation, which usually are in an important stage of their production, and at the same time, they do not have enough recognition or encouragement because it usually concentrates in younger or in groups that are planning retrospectives exhibitions.”

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