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The Chilean National Museum of Fine Arts (MNBA) launches its first call for fans of photography of all ages. A selection of sent photographs by the crowd will take part of an exhibition in the museum on the Photography’s Day. The call will be open until July 15th, 2018.

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This invitation is for all people that love photography that have an analog, digital camera or even their phone’s one, whatever they are children, students, young people or adults. The most important is that they are amateur photographers (not professional) willing to participate in sending an image on the subject of diversity. The idea is to reflect this concept of the most possible creative way, it can be through an abstract image, a portrait, a landscape, food, and objects, whatever!

Valentina Valdés
Valentina Valdés

It will be open until July 15th, one per participant, through the online platform of the call. Among the received images, a selection will be in an exhibition in the Museum that will open on August 10th, the international Photography’s Day. There will be surprises for the selected people who assist to the inauguration thanks to our collaborator in this initiative, the store, and photographic laboratory

Generating an instance to showcase the photography as a media of artistic expression, in which all people can participate, no matter the age they are. It was a motivation by the area of Mediation and Education of the MNBA of making this call. It is about the first organized by the Museum for amateur photographers without age limit.

During eleven years, elementary, middle, and high school were invited to participate in a similar call. However, before the interest of a wider audience to participate, this year younger people, adults and old people are involved. Thus, this initiative is added to “Retratos de la Memoria”, as a part of the activities of the Museum that look for a photography both as heritage as visual art and media of artistic expression.


Who can participate?

Any person can participate, without age limit. Although, it should be kept in mind that is not a call for professional photographers.


Send your image from June 11th until July 15th, 2018.

How to send the photography?

Visit or write an e-mail to and you will have access to a link to upload your information and your picture (Only 1 per participant) in digital format (JPG, PNG or another) to the platform of the call.

The photographs must have good quality, they can be in black and white and have a minimum size of 2 MB.


Among the received photographs, there will be a selection (about 150) that will be exhibited in the Mediation and Education room of MNBA. The exhibition will take place on August 19th, at 12 o’clock, the international Photography’s Day, and will be open until October 7th.

Broadcasting rights

When sending your picture, you will be authorizing its exhibition and publication by MNBA by any media and format in order to disseminate the activity (this year or even in the future).




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