Amazon Women | Zulema Maza | Menéndez Books, Buenos Aires | July 7th

From the classical Greek Antiquity, legends and myths about the Amazon women have reached us. They were women characterized by their strength and bravery. They were experienced horsewomen and their horses worked as their fast and effective way to use it in competences and defense.

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Amazon women have been my inspiration in literature and cinema because they have been the perfect warrior, strong and confident woman.

Also, when we say “Amazon Women”, it makes us remember about the largest river on earth: the Amazon. This has a sort of connection because it received that name when Spanish conquerors came across with Indian tribes whose women defended bravely their territory and fought like men. They called the amazon women, just like the old legends. In honor of these women this river is now called the Amazon.

Amazon women represent independent women who radiate strength through their own choices as well as the sensibility of recognizing the honor and demonstrate it in different situations.



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