Make your artwork part of “Eternity” by Maurizio Cattelan in Art Basel Cities, Buenos Aires

During Art Basel Cities Week, which will take place between September 6th and 12th in Buenos Aires, the Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan will premiere his collective work called Eternity, whose all Argentinian artists can be part.

In order to participate, you just must complete the application and apply for. Then you can be part of the 200 selected ones and your Project will be exhibited as part of the work of Maurizio Cattelan. In addition, all of the exhibited projects will have the financial support of five thousand Chilean Pesos for the realization, and the Jury will award more than two hundred thousand Chilean Pesos in prices. The applications are opened until July 10th.

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More about Art Basel Cities

Created in March, 2016, Art Basel Cities is aimed to interact with selected cities during many years association for developing different, dynamics and intellectually strict programs, and, present to the world of art new opportunities to get involved with cultural offers from all over the world.

In Buenos Aires, the curatorship will be in charge of Cecilia Alemani. Just like last year, the international public and the worldwide network of Art Basel will be invited to experience in her dynamic artistic scene.

Rayuela is a city tour with pieces installed in three districts of the Argentinian capital city, looking for building a multi-level program based in the rich cultural heritage of the city, the emotion and the energy of her artistic scene. Also, this program includes the ongoing initiative that facilitates and explores professional cultural collaborations, projects, and discussions.

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