Galería Temporal starts 2018 exhibition season

From June 4th Galería Temporal started intervene the showcases of Santiago with pieces of work, this time, working directly with 4 art curators.

The season of exhibitions 2018 is focused on directing our proposal towards a collaborative gesture. This is manifested by extending an invitation to four local curators to develop an authorial proposal with artists of their choice, who will make use of the spaces we have available to carry out this project through the deployment of their interventions.

La temporada de exhibiciones 2018 está centrada en direccionar nuestra propuesta hacia un gesto colaborativo. Este se manifiesta extendiendo una invitación a cuatro curadores del medio local para que desarrollen una propuesta autoral con artistas de su elección, los que harán uso de los espacios que tenemos disponibles para llevar a cabo este proyecto mediante el despliegue de sus intervenciones.

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The curators selected come from diverse fields and have different degrees of experience: Fernando Godoy has a degree in Music; Maríairis Flores and Soledad Aguirre are art historians and Cristián Silva, visual artist. This means that their proposals address issues from different perspectives but always taking into account aspects relevant to the Temporary Gallery, such as for example, that the artists invited to perform interventions that act on key issues of the artistic and cultural field but brought to the public space that is where we have focused our work; addressing global problems to settle in a daily environment, close to specific communities that have different experiences and plural and intercultural visions. In addition, the proposals presented during the course of this season, will develop a model of action that coexists between the institutional culture (museums and art galleries of the center) and the commercialized culture (galleries and commercial passages) which expands the curatorial proposals and the artists invited inviting the specialized and non-specialized public, to move the aesthetic experience from traditional exhibition spaces to those inserted in other contexts.

The first Curatorial of this cycle is the proposal of Mariairis Flores and is titled Contextos y Pretextos, for which she has invited the artists: Paz Errázuriz, Daniela Véliz and Valentina Henríquez.

Dates: From June 4th to 29th

Schedule: 9 o’clock to 18 o’clock.

Addresses: Galería San Antonio: Merced 820 vitrina local 10, Galería Presidente Pasaje Phillips 437 local 9, Huérfanos 1373, vitrina local 25.

About Galería Temporal

Galería Temporal is a transitory and mobile exhibition space of contemporary art born at the end of 2010 in a showcase in the center of Santiago. Since then it has appeared in different times and places with proposals as diverse as the contexts that have welcomed them, but always having as axis the relationship between art and public space. Its objective is to expand the possibilities of relating to contemporary art in the city, while at the same time stressing the local artistic field, in which a certain precariousness returns to the temporary and transitory generalized conditions.



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