Arte Al Límite launches “EducArte”

Arte al Límite (AAL) performed a series of video-interview which answer to the classic questions about contemporary art, for continuing getting people close to the world of art.

With the intention of spreading contemporary art internationally, AAL has started with the first series of videos in which to answer the questions: What determines the price of a work of art?, which this time the Collectors Gabriel Carvajal and Ramón Sauma answer (Ca.Sa.). How do you choose which works of art to buy?, answered by the international collector Juan Yarur; What do you think about art collecting in Chile?, whose answer is given by the Chilean artist Bruna Truffa.

On the other hand, responding to the role of the galleries and the international diffusion of art, the interviewees were Isabel Aninat, director of the prestigious galería chilena that bears her name; Ceci Arango, Colombian artist who works with multiple international galleries; and the editor of AAL, Elisa Massardo. They answer the following questions correlatively: What is the role of an art gallery? How to work with multiple galleries? What is the importance of print and digital diffusion for visual artists?


AAL intends to continue with this line of videos, so it invites all its followers to comment on the publications … what doubts or questions do you have about contemporary art?

Arte Al Límite is a specialized media in contemporary art that includes a collectable, deluxe and bilingual printed una magazine that circulates around 40 art fairs annually; a bilingual virtual platform with readers from different parts of the world; an editorial  of Latin American art books, with more than 15 published books; and the AAL collection of contemporary art that was exhibited in 2017 in 4 art galleries in Chile for 2 months.

AAL … everything you want to know about contemporary art …

Previews activities of AAL:

“Latin American Fibers”, new Arte Al Límite’s book will be launched in PARC, Peru





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