Fake or not Fake

On May 22nd, 2018, in the Galería Taller Gorría (located in San Isidro 214 between Picota and Compostela, La Habana Vieja, Cuba), it was opened the intimate sample Serones 2018, of the Serones artist duo. Once more, it was not possible for me to come along with the event founders, from a distance I can assure that the exhibition comes to be a closing cycle in the creative process of the duo.

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Known in the Cuban artistic context for their defense to the pictorial subject, little by little the Serones have been exploring, researching and getting close to other manifestations allowing them to express their concerns from different perceptions. I have had the pleasure of writing about their output, and the best of existing side by side during the creative process; the moment of climax for all creators.

I must confess that sometimes they dream too much. However, dreaming is not bad. In contrast, that is what made Serones a success nowadays in the contemporary Cuban art scene. These words are not part of the fake art category, but Serones make us reflex about that and all the implications of attending a space where we may be misled. Will Serones be Damien Hirst of Cuba? Will this be a market strategy? Have they gone mad? These are some of the questions that each viewer wonders at the moment of entering the Havanan gallery (a space that has become authenticator in the Isle).

Watching the sample is to move the memory to a Biennial of Venice and to the historic, hectic, praiseworthy, and criticized sample of Hirst where states Somewhere between lies and truth lies the truth; is the thought in the exhibition of Damien Hirst and why not, in Serones. The creative powers are transmitted. Likewise, Serones unintentionally revisit the past history; browsing eighties and watching the existence of a non-curatorship and they try to do the same.  It works to them since their interests are in showing a set of pieces that speak about transition, evolution, about being kept up with more transgressor and contemporary currents.

There is no curatorship, but all are disposed of in the right place. The sight of the exhibition make many to make a pause in large format painting; “Serones Island I” an adventure in which visuality and touch are privileged, where 6 years of work are summarized.

Serones, at this moment, is an attitude before life and before life. Occasionally, you don’t know if they speak or paint seriously or they are just looking for fakes news to drawn attention. The sample is integral whole, once getting out from there, everything become questions.



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