Chilean sound artists travel to Greece within the framework of Acts Of Listening project

The interventions and sound activations will be carried out in Greek ancient ruins and during the Festival Tuned City will be exhibited on June 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

Between May and June, Chilean sound artists are going to visit the old city of Messinia in Greece, to develop a project of sound artistic investigation and production. The travel is performed within the framework of Acts Of Listening, an initiative of bilateral cooperation between Festival Tsonami and Tuned City that focus in the creation as of the direct interaction with the environment and its social and special dynamics.

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The first part of the project, financed by the Fondo de Coproducciones Artísticas of the Goethe Institut, was carried out last year in Valparaíso, during the 11th version of the Tsonami Festival, where Chilean and German artists performed various sound actions in public spaces of the port.

This 2018 will be performed the second and last phase in the Messinia ruins, Greece, where -from May 21st to June 3rd- the artists Nicolas Spencer, Bárbara González, Cristian Espinoza, Pablo Saavedra (Chile), Franziska Windisch, Florian Tuercke, Rene Rissland  (Germany), and Fernando Godoy, and Carsten Stabenow as curators, will reside in an rural environment close to those historical traces. Once there, they have to investigate on the territory, to late produce sound pieces that activate that place.

“Without any doubt, the instances of visualizing Chilean sound artist abroad are not likely to happen, especially in a so particular context as the Acts of Listening project, that will be carried out in an old Greek ruin. This not only represents a chance to question the ways of production of the sound art of each involved artists, but reacting to a cultural context dramatically different as well, and generating links with sound artists throughout the world”, emphasizes Fernando Godoy, project curator, and director of the Tsonami Festival.

This phase of the project is financed by the DIRAC 2018 contest of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and it takes part of the second consecutive year in which Tsonami brings Chilean sound artist to international presentations. Thus, an exhibition performed in May 2017 in the Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome, MACRO, that meant the first event specifically devoted to Chilean and South American sound art in Europe.

Accordingly, Acts Of Listening comes to deepen the work of internationalization of the Chilean sound art that Tsonami comes developing since some years, favoring not only that the Chilean artists’ work has visibility abroad, but contributing with their learning through artistic experiences in different territories and socio-cultural contexts as well.

Participant artists will have two weeks to know and investigate the ruins and its context, to produce activations and projects that will be presented during the Tuned City Festival, that will carry out its activities on June 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

The Festival complete program is found in and the documentation of Acts Of Listening will be published in and in

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