FAC fourth edition | Feria de Arte en Casa (Art at home fair), Madrid

An ephemeral fair that will take place on

May 26th,

from 10:00 to 15:00 and from 17:00 to 21:00

In the same way that artistic expressions are a universal instinct, they have needed of a space reserved and shared, FAC covers both types, mixing private with the public for just a day, a few hours. A way to put artists in the place that they should belong and it seems to have been forgotten: in front and relating directly to the crowd.

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A claim of the self-management, of the make decisions, of the fair compensation of personal effort. Claiming, strongly and purely, that who is in charge of creating artworks, that is not a game but a struggle of the spirit: playful or intense. Nor institutional or private but a domestic environment that is expanded with the power of the direct intervention of art. A relaxed atmosphere that invites us to a talk, to a participation, in a friendly atmosphere. We want and offer an atmosphere without censorships. Where the visual word represents an open syntax and all languages are welcome.

Patricia MateoPatricia Mateo

What are we preparing for this time? To begin with, we have invited some special friends: artists and organizers. The following artists will show their pieces: Fuera de Carta with José Luis López, Patricia Mateo, Montserrat Gómez Osuna, Alberto Olé, Le Frère, Inma Fierro, David Heras, Eva Esparza, Solimán López, Roberto López, Annita Klimt, Irene Cruz, Rebecca Uliczka, Movesinmover, Rosa Muñoz, Sebas Beyro, Yolanda García, Raquel Lorente y Javier Rodriguez Lozano.

In addition, this edition will have the following project: Adonay Bermúdez, Eugenio Merino, Juan Francisco Casas and David Heras present the “In money, we trust” project. This project has an itinerant vocation in which each artist works on the same base, a US dollar and to fit all artistic manifestation. A project with a re-interpretative concept of the most common capitalist icon, the Us dollar,  a critic project with the capitalist society and with the art market. The buck as a support is an ideal raw material for art, it is recognizable and is charged with symbolism, probably it is attractive as it is detested.Montserrat Gomez OsunaOrganized by GAPS Curatorial and Belinda Martin, OR. It is a project that emerges among London, Madrid, Roma, and Tehran, curatorial voices and international artists are included.
Taking each page as space and as an intervention opportunity, Or part of a proposal of the void, of the lack, as an action switch. Escaping at the same time the book categories of the artist and of the exhibition, Or is an horizontal-space that includes what is ephemeral and transitory as of several disciplines and artistic angles. The project takes its name from the logic disjunction also known as alternation, and opera, exactly, establishing inclusive disjunctions.

Choose your flavor. A project organized by Idoia Hormaza. The politic actions attain a real and immediate dimension in the collective and private life of each individual. The artistic manifestations are not far from this speeches and are forcibly inserted in functions, mechanisms, and criteria of valuation that link the understanding of art only as a classification. Artists: Laura Flores, Légamo (2018); Olga Isla, Palabras terminales (2013); Florencia Kettner, Mundos paralelos (2018); Ramón Churruca, Esta performance ya la he visto un millón de veces. Vaya mierda!, (2018); Sergio SEPA, Cartelería (2017).

From the audiovisual and performative language, from their subjectivity, the artists charge the attempts to restraint of what is artistic, social, politic, and economic that are sold like options. The expression, the freedom, and the reality are not found in the choice of a flavor. NOT FOR THE LOVE OF ART. A project of Platform of Contemporary Art (PAC), in conjunction with Swinton & Grant. The project emerges as a recognition and support to the artists’ work. It is about a social enterprise to support the work of plastic artists, photographers, actors, writers, illustrators, designers… Many art and culture professionals don’t have the professional and financial support that there should be, as elsewhere. And many times they have to work for the love of art.

We also have the Duckout, BEIS and SUBLIME magazines in the fair. And like other years, a lot of friends that support FAC; PAC PLATAFORMA DE ARTE CONTEMPORÁNEO, ACHA, 100%MÉXICO, GRUPO SERINPSA-GREPPITEX.

Let’s participate in the activities: Round-table discussions, presentations, enthusiasts and participative plots of dialog throughout the house. Let’s become in an expressive media like the facilities, performances, art video, painting, sculpture, writing, photography, illustrations… That you will find throughout the house.

We invite you, we will be waiting for you. Let’s make a toast for other channels not only are a possibility but a reality. Have a beer and nose around you are pleased. It is what we look with a smile and who seek, ye shall find.

FERIA DE ARTE EN CASA, FAC WE ARE: David Heras Verde, Sara Zambrana, GAPS Curatorial with Belinda Martín, Idoia Hormaza, Catalina de Vicente.



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