Call for Resistance | 13+13: Arte, Comunidad y Empoderamiento led by Eduardo Villanes

The Dirección Desconcentrada de Cultura de Cusco, through Sub-direction of Cultural industries and Arts announces the international call to participate in the Visual Arts Residency 13 + 13 = Arte,  Comunidad y Empoderamiento, from June 2nd to 6th, 2018 in Cusco, Peru.

The residency intends to develop creative processes, prioritizing the expression through basic techniques of graffiti, having for topic the social, environmental issues and against gender-based violence in the southern region of the country. The particularity of this residency is that half of its participants will be plastic artists and the other half leaders and activists that know and daily face these realities, that’s why the reference to the “13+13” formula.

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Call to apply to the Arte Joven MAVI – BHP award is brought forward.

Winner of the CCU Art Scholarship exhibits in New York

Under the guidance of the renowned artist Eduardo Villanes, during 5 days of the residency, the participants will have the opportunity of live together and work in the Casa de la Parroquia de Andahuaylillas (province of Quispicanchi), located 40 minutes far from the city of Cusco. Before the developing of the residency, the participants will have access to a virtual platform whereby tasks, lectures, manuals and audiovisual material will be provided.

The Peruvian artists Eduardo Villanes is internationally recognized by his graffiti series, and other underground actions in the public space of Lima, that he did during the dictatorship of Alberto Fujimori. His most recent graffitis, this time about the Bagua massacre, were shown by the Fondation Cartier for the Contemporary Art (Paris). Being banned in his own country, he migrated several times, most recently to Bogotá, Colombia, where he lived for two years. There he founded El Bronx Art Gallery, international space of residencies aimed to face specific cases of censorship, threats, extortion, discrimination and retaliation against creativity. The Visual Art Residency 13 + 13 = Arte,  Comunidad y Empoderamiento is for this continuity of the guiding principles that he founded “El Bronx”.

The residency is going to focus in drawing sessions at a great scale with incidence in strokes and gestures. Villanes will lead the participants to the discovery and development of own calligraphies.



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