Call to apply to the Arte Joven MAVI – BHP award is brought forward.

The call to participate now includes national creators, up to 35 years old, that present unpublished pieces until May Thursday 7th. All requirements for the appliance can be found in

MAVI (Visual Art Museum) and BHP Minera Escondida mining company work together since more than 10 years with the aim to encourage new talents of visual arts. Since its creation in 2006, the MAVI – BHP AWARD / MINERA ESCONDIDA ARTE JOVEN CONTEMPORÁNEO has been consolidated as an space for displaying and spreading the work of Chilean emerging artists and also as an stage to project their work in professional environment of visual arts.

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Premio Arte Joven 2017. Tercer lugar y Premio del Público
Arte Joven 2017 award. Third place and audience award

“We are proud in BHP / Minera Escondida to be contributing together with MAVI the best platform to display minor to 35-year-old artists in Chile. Today we can see that a position and a transverse valuation are achieved thanks to the compromise and work of both institutions for the Chilean contemporary art”, says Alejandra Garcés, corporate affairs manager of BHP / Minera Escondida.

Every year, the artistic level of the applicants is even better than the last year, gathering important creators that are closely watched by galleries and experts of the sector due to the validation to this award grants to each selected one.

“The contest gives every year an excellent radiography of production of emerging contemporary art in Chile. The important thing is that incorporates as Santiago as regions and also, it brings works that use different available materials at the moment. The jury must evaluate the artistic quality both of a painting as of an object work, a video or a hologram. It is striking the ability of call of this contest. Every year 300 and 400 works are assessed, which outcomes are of a pretty good level, that clarify the concerns and current debates, as well as the investigation processes”, Paula Honorato indicates, jury member.

Premio Arte Joven 2017. Segundo lugar
Arte Joven 2017 award. Second place

The first award consists in 3 million pesos more an individual exhibition in MAVI and the access of a piece to the MAVI collection.

Furthermore, recognitions are awarded to the second and third place, just as honorable mentions, and it is presented a publishing platform of the selected works through a collective exhibition that shows a summary of the sate of art in Chile and to a group of young artists with a high scope.

From 2017 a special award is given as well called audience award, with a special meaning, since is chosen by who visit the pre-assembly to the opening of the exhibition.

Premio Arte Joven 2017. Artistas premiados
Arte Joven 2017 award. Awarded Artists

“I think that this contest is unique for several reasons. First, because it calls young artist from Chile, turning into a platform of vision exchanges and creative methodologies. I think that the apart from other instances like fairs and biennials, the diversity of the local contemporary art is expressed in an organic way and above all, focusing in paths and processes more than final results. Thus, the contest manifests better than anyone the feeling and strength of what is emerging in Chilean contemporary art. Finally, it seems that for young and not so young artists, this contest is an instance of learning in which all discover new ways of thinking, feeling and expressing”, explains Paula Salas, Jury member.


Jury, selection and award process

The jury is formed by María Irene Alcalde, curator of Museo de Artes Visuales; Paula Honorato, curator of Chilean National Museum of Fine Arts; Paula Salas, winner of  Premio Arte Joven Contemporáneo 2008, Bachelor of Fine Arts and professor in the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile; Raimundo Edwards, co-winner of Arte Joven Contemporáneo 2009 award, Bachelor of Fine Arts and professor in Finis Terrae University; e Ian Cofre, independent curator living in New York that comes to Chile particularly to participate in the selection process of the award.

The Jury will preset around 50 pieces presented in the on-line version. This list is going to be available in the website and Then, the preset pieces will be physically received in MAVI; for the jury to determine which ones will be part of the award and the collective exhibition. Finally, the names of the winner of the award will be available in August in MAVI, during the ceremony of award and exhibition opening of the finalists pieces.

MAVI – Museo de Artes Visuales
Address: 307 José Victorino Lastarria st.. Mulato Gil de Castro square, Santiago Centro.
Schedule: Tuesday to Sunday from 11:00 to 19:00 o’clock.
Entry: CLP1,000 for adults | Free entry every day for students under 8 years old and Chilean persons older than 60 years old | Free entry all Sundays for general audience.





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