Weekend Gallery Santiago is about to start!

Galería Weekend Santiago will be presented from May 10th to 13th, 2018, with the participation of 20 galleries and cultural spaces, all with free entry.

From May 10th to 13th, Santiago’s galleries open their doors again for you to discover the city through contemporary art. A full agenda of activities that includes simultaneous openings, guided visits, special art sales, open lectures, live music and artists meeting.

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Hoffmann’s house | Emergency Art

Weekend Gallery also looks for creates more meetings among galleries, artists and general audience. Existing in 20 cities of the world, in Santiago it has already positioned as the most important cultural event of the first half-year that last year succeeded in bringing more than eight thousand people and show the work of 60 artists.

“This kind of actions aid to the development of our culture, and get close the artists’ work with a wider audience, in addition to creation of friendly discussion spaces among actors that are not necessarily connected”, says Víctor Leyton, one of the organizers of Galería Weekend, together with Juan Pablo Vergara.

Inside the changes of this second version we can found the award to the best sample that is in charge of a jury composed of collectors, institution directors and curators. The awards ceremony will mark the closure of Weekend Gallery with a free show, previous to tickets pick up in the Teatro Oriente in Providencia that will count with, among others, a multimedia exhibition of the German Musician Atom TM.

It also will be performed the collective exhibition Open Collection; the addition of concrete facts and its devices where a group of collectors were invited to share some of their iconic pieces that reflect the artistic identity of our country. An unpublished exercise in Chile that looks for motivating the creation of future collections. Matías Allende will be curator in this exhibition and will be free open for audience from May 7th to 31st in Fundación Cultural of Providencia.

In the event will participate all categories member of AGAC  (Asociación de galerías de Arte Contemporáneo) and other independent spaces like Sagrada Mercancía and Tajamar Gallery. According to the manager of the Asotiation, Isabel Aninat, “it is important to give visibility to good spaces in our country. Chile has a vibrant artistic scenery and events like Weekend Gallery are which allow us to let people know and validate our artists”. With the support of ProChile and Ministerio de las Culturas, las Artes y el Patrimonio, Weekend Gallery will also includes prominent international guests, among them Andrew Durbin, América de Frieze Magazine editor New York; Susana Corchia, Barcelona Gallery Weekend director; Llucia Homs, Think Thank Talking Galleries y Sophie Neuendorf manager, international alliances of Artnet manager.

Another innovation for this new version is the new collector program that since May will be available in the Weekend Gallery website. This will count with a catalog of pieces of the participant galleries with affordable price. Additionally, inside the same platform the activities will be interconnected for all interested in knowing more of these pieces and artists. With these initiatives it is hoped to reach new possible collectors, promote the art market in our country and spread the work of new artists.

Participant Artists: Juvenal Barría, Ignacio Gumucio, Paula Dittborn, Maria Elena Neveillan, Francisca Garriga, Luis Navarro, Jorge Aceituno, Gonzalo Cienfuegos, Ismael Frigerio, Guillermo Nuñez, Omar Gatica, Benjamin Lira, Rimer Cardillo, Hernan Gana, Ana Taulis, Alex Chellew, Marcial Ugarte, Felipe Lavin, Neto, José Carcamo, Fernanda López, Camila Lobos, Sato, Lucas Estévez, Iñaki Muñoz, Claudia Osorio, Grace Weinrib, Ana Videla, Paloma Castillo, Diego Santa María, Alexandra-Katherina, Julen Birke, María Karantzi, Ronny Szillo.

Participant galleries and spaces: AFA, Artespacio, Die Ecke Arte Contemporáneo, Ekho Gallery, Factoría Santa Rosa, Galería Isabel Aninat, Galería Espora, Isabel Croxatto Galería, NAC, La Sala, Patricia Ready, XS, Galería Macchina, OMA Art Gallery, Casa Uno, Galería Gabriela Mistral, Galería Cima, Posada del Corregidor, Palacio Schacht, Sagrada Mercancía, Galería Tajamar.



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