Malele Strofer | I get up, and I breathe art

A few months ago I went to an exhibition in Mamey, one of the places I usually visit while in the Zona Colonial. It was probably the most beautiful of all the events I had seen there. I felt very identified with the artist because as in events I had done before, she decided to harmonize the space using candles, which gave the environment a special warmth. That night I met her daughter Ana, with whom I became friends with instantly. Ana’s kindness was the clear example that all of the artist’s works of art were the result that everything she created was done with love, tact and sensibility. When I wrote to ask her to allow me to interview her for my column in Arte al Limite, she very kindly agreed immediately.

How long has it been involved in the art world?

Since I was 7 years old, my parents were both architects and they knew how to identify my skill and they had no qualms about stimulating me to develop it.

Art, do you see it as a hobby, a necessity, or an escape?

Art is my life, I get up, and I breathe art.

What is your greatest source of inspiration when creating a piece?

I have always had the feeling that every piece has a life of its own, from the first sketch it says what it wants to be and that is the greatest inspiration, the joy of the creation process to the finished work.

Something that caught my attention from your exhibition in Mamey was the use of candles to harmonize the space, was this for something in particular? 

Everything looks better in the light of the candles, for me they represent warmth, harmony, celebration and joy.

At the time of creating a piece, what does the viewer expect to find in it?

I hope you find a part of me and at the same time feel moved.

Do you think the beauty of the work is in the eyes of the artist or he who buys it?

I think it must be on both sides, what mother wouldn’t find  all her children beautiful? and putting myself in the place of the buyer, I would never buy something that I didn’t consider beautiful.

Why do you consider art as a good investment?

Art is a tacit feeling that when it transcends, its value increases over time.

What advice would you give to a young person who is starting his or her journey through the artistic world and even more so in a country like ours where creative talent is sometimes undervalued?

To believes in themselves, with all its strength and above all limitations, he who does not have faith in himself does not get anywhere, to work with discipline and to look for opportunities because they do not fall from a tree, opportunities are sought or created, luck is a minimal factor.

What projects can we expect from Malele Strofer for 2018? To continue painting, continue writing and continue to do events.

Shortly after receiving the answers from the interview, Ana invited me to her home for dinner, where I could meet Doña Malele. More than an artist, she is a wonderful person with a huge heart. That night, she gave me a copy of her book where you can see that Doña Malele is truly an architect of harmony and beauty. A person worthy to know and whose work is worthy to have at the entrance of anyone’s house.



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