Fundación AMA | New residency fellowship in Flora Ars + Natura, Colombia

Inside the celebration of 10 years of Fundación AMA, it is announced the new residency fellowship for Chilean artist.

As part of the commemoration of the 10 years of Fundación AMA, it has just opened, today April 16th, the call FAMA EN FLORA 2018. This way, FAMA allows a Chilean artist and with permanent residency in Chile to perform an artistic residency (with an independent studies program focused in the workshop’s practice) in the school of Flora Ars+ Natura in Bogotá, Colombia. This residency is aimed at artists with at least 35 years old at the day of closing date for applications: Juny 3rd, 2018.

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“Three years ago we started the project Escuela FLORA, a long term and independent study residency program, that little by little it has turned into our insignia activity. Today, we receive between 16 and 20 artists from different countries for a term of 10 month, where they have an intense academic programming, study visits and other activities. This year we have been working in focusing our efforts in the school activity and, for instance, after the exhibition agenda, the space in the Project room will be transformed into a project space and experimentations for residents. Thus, our stamp at this moment is the education: on the one hand as an alternative study program to the traditional academic practice in arts, and on the other hand as a community education”, explains José Roca, artistic director of Flora Ars + Natura.

All the background and bases are on the Fundación AMA page and Flora; page, as well as on the foundation’s social networks, @famaishere.

Applications can be sent to the E-mail:

The deadline for applications is Sunday, June 03, 2018 at 23:00 hours (UTC-05).


FLORA school gathers around 20 artists from diferent countries, selected through open calls. Each one is doing his/her practice in the workshop, attend to an independent study program aimed to investigate the methodologies of creation and investigation typical of contemporary art, and it receives a feedback of the process from renowned artists, curators, theoreticians, historians and national and international researches, such as Indian sages.

Also, during the residency, a series of activities that creates spaces of learning and reflections are organized. It offers to us various scenes of the discussions such as lectures, laboratories, study visits, lecture seminars, project clinic, word circle, trips to the countryside and cultural evenings.

The putting in public of processes (PPP) of resident artists’ work is performed through sessions of Open Workshops, talks and exhibitions. In consideration, resident artists are performing open workshops that call varied crowds (children, young people, neighborhood people, emerging artists, among others) in which they share knowledge, make up, create community and interact with local groups.

About Flora Ars+Natura

FLORA Ars+Natura is an space for contemporary art in Bogotá, Colombia, with particular emphasis in the relationship between art and nature. FLORA is focused in the production, as of commissions and residencies; in the spreading of results of these programs and the education.

FLORA is a nonprofit foundation, open and exclusive, that establishes links between artists and the international and national local community through an intense expositive and pedagogical activity.

About José Roca, artistic director of Flora

Colombian Curator. Currently he is the artistic director of FLORA Ars+Natura, space of contemporary creation in Bogotá and director of the LARA collection (Latin AmericanRoaming Art).

From 2012 to 2015 he was the Curator associated to Latin American Art EstrellitaB. Brodsky in the Tate Gallery in London. He managed the art program of Bank of the Republic in Bogotá, Colombia for a decade. He was co-curator of I Triennial Poli/graphical in San Juan, Puerto Rico (2004); 27 Biennial of São Paulo, Brazil (2006); el Encounter of Medellin MDE07 (2007); artistic interventions project Cartajena in Cartagena of Indias, Colombia (2007), and curator of various exhibitions in Latin America, the USA and Europe and Asia. He was jury in 52 Biennial of Venice (2007), Artistic Director of Philagrafika 2010, a triennial event of contemporary graphical in Philadelphia (2010), and General Curator of the 8th. Biennial of Art of Mercosul in Porto Alegre, Brazil (2011).

He is the author of Transpolítico: Art in Colombia 1992-2012 (feat Sylvia Suárez), and of and Waterweavers: A Chronicle of Rivers (feat Alejandro Martín), launched by Bard Graduate Center in New York together with Waterweavers exhibition: The River in Contemporary Colombian Visual and MaterialCulture (2014).

About AMA Fundation

AMA Foundation was founded in 2008 as an organization that would coordinate the AMA grant. Since then, the mission is to share knowledge through the support to the production, spreading and studies of the contemporary art.

Create international contact networks for each participant of contemporary art as artists, cultural managers, curators, as art historians. The FAMA aim is to support the growth of the artistic scene in Chile for boosting the international recognition of the local scene.

Among the work lines we have the following: AMA grant, targeted Chilean contemporary artists which gives an annual residency in Gasworks, London, The Juan Yarur Collection which includes pieces from 1960 until now; FAMA editions, a monographic publication program focused in a concrete aspect of Chilean renowned artists; Extension, an encouraging line of the exchange of research in the art history and it works together with the University of California, Los Angeles, USA (UCLA), in order to the scholars of this University can study and spread our collection.



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