This week, Art is in Peru

Like every year, the month of April moves critics, curators, artists and galleries to participate in the Lima’s fairs. In this opportunity 3 spaces will welcome to contemporary art.


The International Art Fair of Lima is a commercial platform that formally activates the art market in Peru.

Javier Bellomo, 2017. Sasha Dávila Gallery

With more than 40 galleries, the Art Lima fair has important awards for the exhibitors. Among them the Recognition to the trajectory, EFG Latin America Art Award, Ca.Sa. Prize, KAI Scholarship, CEGU Residence.

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The Spanish and Latin American appearance in Asian fairs

Held at the Contemporary Art Museum of Lima, this fair has positioned itself as a must-see among Latin American exhibitions. With more than 30 galleries, this fair awards the Illy Prize between the Solo Project .

On Thursday, April 19, Arte Al Límite will launch the book “Fibras Latinoamericanas” (Latin American fibers), for more information Click here.

  • Espacio Tomado (caught space)

The gallerist Ilan Karpio lead this cultural initiative that has an aim to catch urban spaces and modify them with art. Each selected artist will have the opportunity of take ownership of a space, changing the ordinariness of an environment in an unique artistic proposal.

Francisco Valdés, “Caudal”, oil on canvas, 1.20 X 70 cm.

Located in the Centro Empresarial Nexo, Espacio Tomado opens as a new institution to acquire pieces of art, for this reason it has exclusive events for art collectors and art lovers. In accordance to Ilan Karpio: “NEXO is a new office building with a quality and elegance rarely seen in Lima and with a privileged location”.

If you are in Lima, we invite you to the AAL’s book “Fibras Latinoamericanas” (Latin American Fibers)

“Latin American Fibers”, new Arte Al Límite’s book will be launched in PARC, Peru



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