Artist explores the implications of ‘mediaguas’ as definitive housing

Starting on Wednesday 18 April, 18:00 hours, Espacio Vilches holds the free exhibition 3 x 6 mts2: Vivienda de emergencia de Joaquín Henríquez. Until 16 May.

In the imaginary Chilean social context, the ‘mediagua’ (emergency housing) has a place as the minimum space habitable to be used in emergencies after a disaster. The transformation of this interim house into a permanent residence is what explores the artist UC Joaquín Henrízquez in the video installation “3 x 6 mts2: Vivienda de emergencia”.

The exhibit, opening Wednesday 18 April at 18:00 hours, has a structure devoid of walls, but contained, looking to contrast the hard living conditions who face the people living in mediaguas. Without walls, without floors, without ceilings, the linear structure imitates the houses outlines and with only a door in its place. Following the door, there will be a projection of the recordings of an intervention in a wasteland, where a character cleans a vacant land until generating a rectangle soil without grass and weeds.

Joaquín Henríquez (1992) It’s a visual artist graduated from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (2014), with a minor in Film Aesthetic (2014). Today he complements his artistic productions with the making of documentaries and audiovisuals in different communes of Santiago, involving in social and community themes, as a product of the collaborative work with the inhabitants of every section.

Espacio Vilches, with its name being an homage to the emeritus and funder of the Art School of UC, the main goal of the hall Eduardo Vilches is to exhibit the works of undergraduate and graduate students, such as the recently graduated of the Licenciatura de la Escuela de Arte UC.

From 18 April up to 16 May.
from 9 to 17:30 hours.
Location: Espacio Vilches, Campus Oriente (East Campus).
Av. Jaime Guzmán 3300, Providencia.



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