SP-ARTE has begun!

The Festival Internacional de Arte de Sao Paulo international festival, Brazil, opens its doors between April 11th and 15th, for world of art to assemble in the Latin American country and to know the best art proposals in the continent…

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Damien Hirst - ArtEEdições Galeria
Damien Hirst – ArtEEdições Galeria

April is the month of fairs, but Brazil and Peru are the Latin American countries that invite the local collector to be present and to know new artistic proposals centered in the region.

SP-Arte is one of the most important international fairs in Brazil and it represents a dynamic platform for a cultural and artistic cultural exchange among curators, collectors, artists, galleries, pieces and art followers. As such, it is highlighted as the translator of the current production, new and already established, in addition to foster the professionalization of the Brazilian creative market. During the event, modern and contemporary art is the spotlight of debates and spread creations throughout the city of São Paulo.

Steve McCurry – Babel Gallery


David Magila - Galeria de Arte Mamute
David Magila – Mamute Gallery



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