Chile | A SXC “Cooperativa de Artistas” documentary series is premiered

The collective of artists SXC Cooperativa de artistas presents a series of 14 documentaries of same number of artists that were formed in the 80s, in full military dictatorship, in different universities which history of life and work unravel a piece of Chilean history.

Through the private stories, a common imagination is being shaped in which not only the evolution of the national art in last 30 years is read, but the contemporary Chile in decades where radical changes were registered as well.

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The documentary series SXC Cooperativa de Artistas correspond to the production of 14 short documentaries of 7 minutes long each, of 14 artists that are part of the collective. They are artists that were formed academically and artistically in the 80s in different art schools, which enriches and facilitates a new reading of their work from a graphic-pictorial mold, watching their changes, growth and development from that perspective over the years. Also it represents a private register where the main characters reflect about their own path, how they came to art and which way they live daily.

The presented artists are Bruna Truffa, Klaudia Kemper, Paula Zegers, Malu Stewart, Claudia Peña, Marcela Trujillo, Rodrigo Cabezas, Carlos Araya ‘Carlanga’, Mario Soro, Arturo Duclós, Coco González Lohse, Ciro Beltrán, Sebastián Leyton and Enrique Zamudio.

In this context, this project represents a generation and a historic conjecture since certain milestones: some of them shared their youthful years in a delicate atmosphere of resistance to the military dictatorship, the birth of the New Wave aesthetics as an alternative movement and an active bohemian life behind the softening of certain repressive practices like the end of curfew and state of siege. It is about a generation of artist that begin to exhibit during the 80s, establishing different tendencies both Escena de Avanzada artistic group and collection as neo-expressionist painters that let them take part of their own realities and with certain level of independence of so called return of painting, also the post-conceptual practices that dominate the 90s picture.

The register was made in most cases in their own ateliers in such a way to catch the daily life and get close the artist to the viewer. “The idea was to capture the interviewed habitat and their essence in the everyday and show them from their human dimension. We rummaged in every corner of each ateliers, in their privacy, their domestic and creative rituals, unraveling their interests and obsessions and how the piece process of each one is”, Klaudia Kemper, visual artist and member of the group, reflects, in charge of the management who together with Gálvez in camera and Rodrigo Muñoz doing main sound, gave life to these documentaries.

The stamp that Kemper gave to the direction was based in his own experience as a virtual artist and member of the collective, which it makes it, furthermore, in an active part of the project. It was the vision of artist to artist what enhanced the documentary work and printed that so deep and private atmosphere.

Part of the work will be exhibited in BARRIO ARTE on April 13th between 20:00 o’clock and 00:00 o’clock in 395 Espacio O, Villavicencio, second and third floor, Universidad Católica Subway Station or Bellas Artes Station, Santiago, Chile. Free entry.




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