“Latin American Fibers”, new Arte Al Límite’s book will be launched in PARC, Peru

Fibras Latinoamericanas” (in Spanish) is the last book of Arte Al Límite’s editorial which brought together 40 artists of that continent, in a mobile showcase that will visit the main events of the world. The launching will bi on April, 19st at 15 o’cock, in the PARC fair, Lima, Peru.

The book, that brings together 40 woman artists, it was thought to diffuse the work of them, all with international career; exhibitions in museums and standing participation in art fairs throughout the world. Artists from Mexico, Cuba, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Argentina, Bolivia and Brazil are going to be part of this deluxe edition.

First launch of the book, that is presented as a mobile showcase in the best circuits of art globally, will take part in feria PARC 2018 in Lima, Peru on April, 19st at 15 o’clock.  In this opportunity, María Angélica Echevarri and Carmen Reategui both visual artists together with the book’s editor Elissa Massardo, will carry out a brief exhibition about “Latin American Fibers” and the importance of print media for the diffusion of the visual art globally.

“Nowadays, the women’s voice in the universe of visual arts is heard more than ever, their role is becoming predominant and their image is not subjugated to the men appearance anymore, by contrast, brights with own light. All of women bet for the truth and walk with a mirror in their hand for the observer to feel and immerse their reality”, Marisa Caichiolo explains, invited curator of the book, in the introduction.

Alicia Larraín (Chile), Verónica González (Chile), Eliana Simonetti (Chile), Beatriz Leyton (Chile), Keka Ruiz-Tagle (Chile), María Angélica Echavarri (Chile), Pilar Ovalle (Chile), Teresa Montero (Chile), Soledad Chadwik (Chile), Ana María Benedetti (Chile), Marcela Yaconi (Chile), Patricia Claro (Chile), Patricia Arena (Peru, Kylla Piqueras (Peru), Mili DC Hartinger (Peru), Carmen Reategui (Peru), Nani Cardenas (Peru), Sofia Donovan (Argentina), Ana Negro (Argentina), Julia Romano (Argentina), Milagro Torreblanca (Chile), Sofía Torres Kosiba (Argentina), Mariana Villafañe (Argentina), Cristina Fresca (Argentina), Adriana Ramírez (Colombia), Ma. Eugenia Trujillo (Colombia), Gloria Llano (Colombia), Cecilia Arango (Colombia), Erika Ewell (Bolivia), Alejandra Dorado (Bolivia), Sonia Falcone (Bolivia), Claudia Hersz (Brazil), Maritza Caneca (Brazil), Patrizia D’angello (Brazil), Aimee Joaristi (Cuba), Karina El Azem (Argentina), Paloma Torres (México), Gina Pani (México), Alejandra Zermeño (México), Mayte Guzmán (México), are the artists that participated on the edition, under the curatorship of Marisa Caichiolo (Argentina-USA).

The book has various introductions about the topic, including the text of Marisa Caichiolo, Ana María Matthei (Collector and director of AAL), Daleysi Moya (art theoretician, Cuba) and Elisa Massardo (degree in History and Aesthetic, Chile), also explanatory texts about the work of every artist, carried out by Constanza Navarrete (degree in visual arts and Masters degree in Art History, Chile).

In accordance to Ana María Matthei: “The idea of this book is to diffuse and express the work outwardly of 40 Latin American artists with a track record, to show the artistic quality of the continent”.

See the digital version of the book here:




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