Art of interaction: New proposals of ART SDQ

Inside the functions of the carried out events by art galleries, it should not be only selling. If it only were about that, it should be enough to send a massive e-mail to potential customers, adding a price list. So, What factors should galleries consider?

In my opinion, the key to carry out a successful artistic event is on the interaction, where people in the event discuss the pieces and share their ideas about what the artist or artists created and to foster the interaction, which is achieved when people find pieces that evoke emotion and share passion, happiness, or even pain that felt the artist at the moment of creating them. The artist that achieves that his/her piece be commented can go beyond time and space endlessly.

Past March 21st that was the case in Galería Art SDQ in Santo Domingo. The idea of having an exhibition that gets people apart from violence and negativity that there is nowadays was something sublime. People were happy to share, make jokes with candies and discuss the pieces. I think that must be art, of making harmonious environments where people can do something different to interact.

The environment that makes you feel like a child again, since apart from pieces with chewing gum of Moebiud Giclée, they had pieces of Richard Conti exhibited. Giclée made with his pieces that everyone would take a chewing gum and mimic the queen, while the Conti pieces were made by a series of small pictures lighted up with different colors, which together made a similar picture of Pacman’s characters. The artist inspiration was precisely a video game console.

Galleries play an important role in getting the artists closer to the crowd, in raising social awareness about the art is as fundamental for life as the happiness itself and at any time, its best complement as well. Hopefully this gallery as other galleries around the world keep fostering the interaction and the creative talent, conceiving it like a way of exchange at an international level.



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