FEMSA Collection | Palacio La Moneda Cultural Center | 03/28 – 06/28

A selection of 171 works by 110 modern and contemporary artists is presented in the large exhibition halls of the La Moneda Cultural Center and is free for the general public every day until 12:00 pm.

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The exhibition Great Latin American ArtistsFEMSA Collection brings together the creation of multiple and diverse artists who express their vision of our Latin American region. The curatorship carried out by the exhibition area of the La Moneda Cultural Center, together with the  FEMSA collection team, is specially designed so that the public can get to know and reflect on the identity of our continent, facilitating enjoyment and understanding through a specially constructed staging and six thematic cores: The myth of the landscape (imagined landscape); The word and the machine; The image of the artist; America looks at the other; The inhabited body and Latin America as a state of mind: humor and violence.

These six major themes are related to milestones in the history of Latin American art, which articulate the development and identity of the continent’s plastic creation. Thus, the exhibition allows us to cover more than 100 years of art, emphasizing the importance that these milestones acquire through their wide and persistent display over time. The evolution of these themes through several generations of artists, coming from different countries and covering the most diverse artistic styles, allows us to understand and reflect on the way in which our culture is constructed.

Oswaldo Ruiz, Pemex, 2005. Colección FEMSA
Oswaldo Ruiz, Pemex, 2005. Colección FEMSA

The first exhibition of 2018, inaugurated in the La Moneda Cultural Center, is of significant relevance, mainly because of its regional theme and the tremendous artistic value of the selected creations, in addition to being part of the celebration of the 40th anniversary. From the FEMSA Collection, as it is the largest exhibition ever held as part of its exhibition program.



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