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The week of the art is lived in Madrid, from today Tuesday 20th to Sunday 25th, with the arrival of the most important art fairs of the city. But not only do these visual spaces open their doors to travelers and art lovers, but also to the museums and cultural centers of the Spanish capital. For this reason, if you are visiting Madrid, you live there or travel to the fairs, take advantage of and visit all these spaces:

  1. Art fairs:
    The already known ARCO, Art Madrid and JustMad will be available to get to know and buy contemporary art works.

You may be interested in:

Art Week in Madrid is coming up!

2. Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum| Sorolla and the Fashion

With the collaboration of the Sorolla Museum in Madrid and private collections that had never exhibited their works before, this exhibition will be open to the public until May 2018. The exhibition features a large selection of paintings by the Valencian painter, in which the influences of fashion are reflected in the artist’s works through scenes and portraits where the characters appear as models of the time. Also on display are dresses, accessories and jewelry from the period.

3. Circle of Fine Arts | Picasso and the Museum

Pablo Picasso’s love for the museum was undeniable. The painter spent up to eight hours a day copying the works of classical painters from the Prado Museum, which is why he produced 58 versions of Velázquez’s Las Meninas. While living in Paris, he did the same practice with the Louvre Museum and the Trocadero, where he observed works by Delacroix, Manet and Degas. Under the curatorship of Javier Mollins, this exhibition shows the artistic influences and the way in which Picasso’s paintings, sketches and engravings reflected the works of the museums in around 200 pieces by the artist.

3. Caixaforum | Warhol. Mechanical art
This exhibition refers to the “making” of Andy Warhol’s works of art, which he created as if they were created on an assembly line. The exhibition features iconic works by the artist, such as portraits of Marilyn Monroe or Liz Taylor and cans of Campbell soups.

4. Queen Sofía Museum | Pessoa. All art is a form of literature 

This time the Queen Sofía Museum held an exhibition combining the literary work of Fernando Pessoa, who created more than 100 heteronyms, which gave rise to different avant-garde movements. The exhibition presents the production of the writer together with artists of his time, through the “isms” that dialogue with his work, combining magazines and publications with his texts. Among the artworks are included works of artists such as José de Almeda Negreiros and Sarah Affonso.

5. Lázaro Galdiano Museum | Goya and Buñuel. The dreams of reason

With an iconoclastic spirit and inquisitive vocation, Francisco de Goya and Luis Buñuel are at the Lázaro Galdiano Museum, thanks to the Government of Aragón and the Ibercaja Foundation, who pay tribute to him with this exhibition.

6.  Estudios, Tabacalera | Grimanesa Amorós

Occupant is the project of the artist Grimanesa Amorós inspired by her first visit to Tabacalera. It will be on display in the Estudios space from 15 February to 15 April 2018.

“OCUPANTE” (Occupant) was inspired by my first visit to the La Tabacalera Cultural Space in Madrid, located in the multicultural district of Lavapiés.

7. SOLO GOOD |  Montserrat Masalles, John Paul Fauves and Aimée Joaristi

Coinciding with the week of art in Madrid and the opening of ARCO Contemporary Art Fair, Cuban critic and curator Andrés Isaac Santana proposes SoloGood. An exhibition organized around the dialogue between the work of three important artists from Costa Rica, Montserrat Masalles, John Paul Fauves and Aimée Joaristi. We publish here a few words by the curator accompanied by an excellent text by the prestigious Spanish critic Fernando Castro Flórez.

Aimee Joaristi “La Faela”



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