Art Week in Madrid is coming up!

There are only 5 days until the opening of the art fairs in Madrid, one of the most important places for the art world, where you can get to know, learn and, of course, acquire works of art from the Hispanic country, along with the countless galleries that will arrive to take over the exhibition spaces and the exhibition centers.

This year, the fairs will begin on 20 February. This time with more than 300 galleries, countless works of art and diverse programs that include talks, dialogs of artists, performances, among others.

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Arte Al Límite estará presente para informar sobre las ferias más importantes de Madrid, 2018.

ARCO in Ifema

From 21 to 25 February, ARCO can be visited in Ifema (Convention Centre), located a few kilometers from the airport. Characterized as a highly conceptual fair, the galleries also include the historical avant-garde, contemporary classics and contemporary art.


With a total of 208 galleries, from 29 different countries, the curatorial selection was made on the basis of a General Program, which includes 160 galleries, including the Chilean gallery Isabel Aninat. In addition, 51 galleries will form part of the Curated Programs of painting, sculpture, installations, photography, video, new media, drawing and engraving. The latter will be led by Chus Martínez, Elise Lammer and Rosa Lleó, with the aim of:

“To turn ARCOmadrid 2018 into a space that allows us to imagine, produce and propose a vision of the complexity that awaits us”, they state in the press release.

Find out more about the program at:

Art Madrid

Between February 21 and 25, this fair will be held in the Crystal Gallery of the Cibeles Center, with 50 contemporary art galleries that will present diverse artistic proposals.

Among the highlights of the fair is the guest artist Okuda San Miguel, whose work is characterized by pop surrealism, organic geometry and colorful existentialism.
In addition, the One Project program, curated by Carlos Delgado Mayordomo, selected 8 artists with 8 specific projects created for presentation at the fair: Alejandro Monge, Candela Muniozguren, Antonyo Marest, Carlos Nicanor, Bernardo Medina, Jugo Kurihara, Aina Albo Puigserver and Vania Medeiros.

Okuda San Miguel

3. JustMad9

Located in Nuñez de Balboa, 32, JustMad will be open from February 20-25. The curatorial line of the fair is centered on the concept of the encounter between Europe and Latin América, articulated under the sections of the General Program, Brand New (where galleries with an incipient trajectory will be exhibited with a risky program), and Solo Project.

Anna Jonsson, “Las últimas bragas del cajón” (The last pair of underwear in the drawer)

In addition to the above, there is also the Context section, where the Mexican curator Octavio Avendaño and the Dutch curator Inez Piso will bring together European and Latin American galleries in a common dialog and joint space.

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