AMA Scholarship open call for Chilean artists

For the tenth year, AMA foundation will allow an artist of Chilean nationality and with permanent residence in Chile to undertake a fully funded artistic residency at the Juan Yarur Torres Residential Studio in Gasworks, London.

The idea of the scholarship is to promote the professional development of contemporary Chilean visual artists. Gasworks residencies are not mandatory, encouraging artists to focus on process, research and development. All the background and bases are on the
AMA foundation pages and on the opportunities page of the Gasworks,website, as well as on the foundation’s social networks, @famaishere.

The deadline for applications is April 3, 2018 at 24:00 hours in London; 20:00 hours in Santiago, Chile.

The Ama Scholarship is a project that gave life to the AMA Foundation in 2008, after Juan Yarur and Cecilia Brunson met with the intention of creating a residence that would promote the work of contemporary Chilean artists abroad. From that date until today, the intention of the scholarship has been to promote dialog and collaboration between Chilean artists and critics, academics and specialists abroad, with an emphasis on the exchange of information and knowledge within the contemporary artistic field.

While the Ama Scholarship program began with residencies in Latin America, in 2010 forged an alliance with Gasworks, London, consolidating together a long-term collaboration program.

A resident’s experience

In 2017 the winner of the scholarship was Patricia Domínguez, who spent three months in London and recognized her residency as a fundamental experience in her process as an artist. “My work went to the next level as I was being able to internationalize it in a real way, and although it sounds funny, being in London made me appreciate being producing work in Chile even more,” she says.

“The Gasworks residence is the best in London and during this period I traveled to Seoul to exhibit at the SeMA Seoul Museum of Art, on the Latin American art exhibition “Working for the Future Past” curated by Jin Kwon. There I showed two video installations: “You’re a Male Princess” and “The eyes will be the last thing to pixelate”. It was incredible to redo the two installations there and also to look for new materials in the markets in Seoul”, says the artist who is preparing to participate in Arco Madrid 2018 next February.



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