Patricia Lagos | A social and artistic work

This national artist has taken classes in workshops of the national artists Augusto Barcia, Francisco Olivares. From 1995 until now, has participated in more than fifty collective exhibitions. In 2013 contributed to an Art Clinic directed by Justo Pastor Mellado in  Parque Cultural de Valparaíso (former prison), followed by a six-month residence in this enclosure that finished with the exhibition called Pintura Latente II, presenting a piece of great dimensions, performed with construction objects.

How your artistic concerns arose?

My artistic concerns were always but I could devote my time a hundred percent, when I moved to fifth region. In this region I  had the possibility of devoting my time totally to painting, attending some art workshops.

What are you looking for in your work?

The only thing that I’m looking for in my works is to transmit any message, a feeling, a concept. My major interest is to create a kind of conversation between viewers and my work. I am interested in what I do makes sense. I don’t want my work to quickly melt away after observing it.

What kind of materials do you use to create?

The materials that I use in my works are as diverse as the message requires. If I need a shoe to talk about something, I use it without any fear. If I need a rope, a net, a dress, a texture or I simply need color. It all depends on the intention and the message that I want to present.

The techniques that often uses Patricia Lagos in her works are the college, the acrylic and the mixed techniques. Her paintings are expressionist and modern, having a humanistic and social side marked by important ages in Chile.

How your creative processes arise?

My creative processes arise from an idea, then I develop them according to the chosen topic. Sometimes it takes me longer to think than execute. Because it all arises from my mind…


My referents in art indisputably are Antonie Tapies and Mario Irarrázaval. They are very important, fruit of inspiration.

What is your aim as an artist?

Mi objective as an artist is to reach out people and that people can understand and appreciate my works. That is all.

What is your 2017 exhibition about, En el nombre del Padre?

I worked in a large format measuring almost 16,4 ft. long with intervened photographs of abused children. The subject matter has not been pleasant, but is an instance where I can report this terrible evil that we globally have…

What are your future projects?

My future projects as an artist are as simple as keep going and proposing. Not to take a rest. For March, 2018 we are preparing a roaming of the same exhibition En el nombre del Padre.



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