Claudio Aguayo | Pools: artistic and personal aesthetics

Claudio Aguayo’s interest in creating new ways to experiment and enjoy a pool stems from design and austerity. A pool is a really common place where it’s unusual to see art. It’s not an easy task to create an innovative pool, especially if the artist permanently makes a transgressive combination of design, architecture, and painting, and wants to have its own artistic language.

His work is called “Piscina de diseño” [Designed Pool], in which the artist inevitably takes risks and wastes no time because it’s an exciting experience. To start creating, Aguayo doesn’t look for what is comfortable and simple, neither the shortest and easiest way of what is known. Creativity develops at its own pace, thus it divides simplicity and takes it to more complex areas. In order to do this, it is required to get into an attentional and observational state where an unprecedented project is rearranged. “Most of the times, the outcome is extraordinary,” says Aguayo.

All his projects related to pools and exterior architecture, as well as his paintings, are made considering methodological execution and creative liberty, which are important for innovation, according to the artist.

The purpose of Aguayo is to create a different perception and to understand that every accepted assignment is like a storage for water which is “almost” pictorial and sculptural. His work is an essential part of architectonic space and design that flow around observing and enjoyment, inviting people to participate in happy and positive feelings caused by the relationship between art and a vital element: water.

What’s the purpose of showing your work?

I use the word “almost”, so I can keep searching limitless. It’s my main motivation, to work experimenting and creating while I combine, with different elements, an unique project adding distinction to my work and its surroundings. I also want make my client’s experience valuable, interacting with them, introducing creative initiatives, giving importance to their necessities, providing design solutions, and, also, adding my own artistic language.

Between art and design

How do you classify your work?

It’s incredibly difficult to classify my pieces of work. Sometimes, a piece is created by an artist who has different experiences regarding art, design, and related specialities; therefore, you can see how they represent all of these experiences when doing their work. We can notice that every project reflects the artist’s thoughts and vision. Certainly, because of its mixture, the outcome is influenced by a poetic meaning.

What are your influences?

PUCV’s College of Architecture and Urban Design has clearly influenced my work, and they  have always helped me. As a student, I had the chance to face design challenges by exploring and experimenting in pristine and rural places, such as Cabo Froward in Estrecho de Magallanes, or the Amazon rainforest. Everything we created was made with an epic vision and impression.

Claudio Aguayo’s work entails a big “no” to monotony and the lack of humanity while producing a set of objects and spaces. Moreover, dynamism and humor are useful because they give uniqueness and individualism to the artist’s design. He also opposes to the rules and gaps that divide the concepts of design and art.

How are you and your work connected?

I have a close connection with water: its rivers, lakes, and sea. By kayaking, I enjoy calmness and adrenaline, I understand water’s nature, its beauty, and its energy, which are a permanent source of inspiration for giving birth to my work. Water, my pieces of art, and me are inseparable…

What I feel most passionate about my job is that every piece of work invites people to think of something that didn’t exist before. Only that fact dignifies me, and the rest is about creativeness and building management.

Artist’s design at hand

That’s the reason why his projects about pools consider a bidimentional piece which is installed to be the main character, keeping company to water and space. The piece takes into account the pool and the reflecting mirror. His work makes people smile and experience different emotions. They extend hospitality and allow us to be near water in a pleasant way, not only when they’re used, but also when watching them.

What’s your next challenge?

I’m currently developing my new piece which faces a challenge. I’m also working on a new personal exhibition that represents a thorough search by means of an experimental project regarding the possibilities about painting and poetic materialization of water. The exhibition is called DIÁLOGO ENTRE EL AGUA Y EL SOL [Dialogue Between Water and Sun] and it will be opened on Monday, December 18 in Chimkowe Gallery.

I’m also thinking about developing an experimental painting for interior spaces, without setting aside exterior spaces…



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