Ciudades Jardín: blossoming in a invented city

Ciudades Jardín, the work of the visual artist Fernanda Avendaño Soler, won first place in the Call for Artists 2017. The purpose of this event is to award and present artistic execution on art-city relation.

The exhibition consists in pictures digitally printed on paper, paintings made in ceramic, and paintings made with building materials on a big piece of wood.

Entes | Peruvian graffiti artist presents and intervenes in a gallery in Santiago, Chile.

About the exhibition, Fernanda Avendaño called her artwork Ciudades Jardín, which was inspired by the drawings of Ebenezer Howard, taking into account the idea of “invented city.” This concept transforms and plays with geometric planes, including differences in scales, interruptions and cuts, and diversity in the colors and tones of a palette. Likewise a garden, even if its construction has been planed, it is conditioned to its natural growth; disruptive and intense.


“In the artworks, it is represented the duality between order (utopia) and real organic platicity of cities, in other words, the ways in which the social body intervenes them, pass through them, and interrupts them. Therefore, from the abstract, she tries to free the form and to build new taxonomies in terms of series and multiplicity.” 


The exhibition opening will be held on Wednesday, December 13, in Benjamín Vicuña Mackenna Museum (Vicuña Mackenna 94, Santiago), and it will available until February 28, 2018. Free admission.



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