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If you still don’t know what Sound Art is, you have whole December to inform you through various activities of Tsonami, the Sound Art Festival in Chile that will be presented in Valparaíso, Santiago and Concepción.

Residences, installations, workshops, long walks, sound actions, listening stations, radio broadcasts and concerts will be performed in the eleventh edition of Tsonami Sound Art Festival in Valparaíso, with extensions in Concepción and Santiago.

The opening will be this December, Monday 4th at 19:00 hours in the Parque Cultural of Valparaíso’s Theater with the launching of memory-book Tsonami’s ten years, together with a concert of The Great Triangle, a Japanese artists group that using daily items build precarious architectures that intervene the space with light, sound and movement.

In this new version, financed by Fondart Nacional 2017, includes various projects of artists, groups and organizations that during previous weeks to the festival will work to perform processes and works that will link to places, human groups, cultures and urban dynamics.

Thus, in the closure of the festival will be presented the investigations of the Acts of Listening project, an action of bilateral cooperation of Festival Tsonami and Tuned City that assembles German and Chilean artists to investigate sound approximation and intervention methods in the city. This project will have a second phase on 2018 in Grecia, Ancient Messania, where will take part three Chilean artsits and three German artists, apart from two curators of both countries. Acts of Listening will start the investigations in the city on November, 21th showing results on December, 10th. The project has the patronage of International Coproduction Fund of Goethe-Institut.


Prominent guests

Víctor Mazón, Spain / Sonido C!nico, Argentina / Anna Raimondo, Italy / Leonel Vásquez, Colombia / Rudy Decelière, Switzerland / Florian Tuercke, Germany / Thierry Madiot, France / Carsten Stabenow, Germany.


From December, Monday 4th to Friday 8th will be assembled a radio studio in 517 Áncora, where artists will be live broadcasting interviewed. Also we will have the support of Radio Valentín Letelier, Radio Tsonami, and broadcast by the following stations: Radius, from Mad Museum of Nueva York; and El Ruido es el Mensaje program, from Argentina.

The full programme will be in www.tsonami.cl.



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