The aware nature of Carmen Hurtado

“Nowadays nature is not being taken care or valued, it is brutally exploited”, said the Chilean artist Carmen Hurtado who keeps marvel at the majesty of the nature at sitting down and staring the trees and mountains that are prominent on the Chilean rich landscapes. And she does not understand how nowadays people are not capable of appreciate that surrounding resource.

Her beginnings in art are related with topics of social movements in the 80s though, she retired and eventually rejoined painting with a fresh inspiration in nature. Carmen Hurtado, linked to groups of animal protection and environmental action, has feel a strong concern about the planet that is showed through the nature that is given to her paintings.

With a technique that ranges from figurative to expressionism, Hurtado uses the brush to shape tenuous silhouettes and then with the palette knife, spontaneously, creating lines that give energy to her works that with strong colors account for alive paintings, as alive as the very nature.

How do you deal with that love for nature in your paintings?

I am astonished in front of nature, and my incentive is to enhance those pictures (trees, landscapes, mountains). Through my own perception, feeling and creation I use colors and mixtures that boost the pictures that charm me.  The fact of having this topic as my source of inspiration is, in some way, my way of contributing the value of nature.

How do you describe your works?

My paints have many colors, many degrees of chosen colors for each painting. The colors are strong, but generally keeping certain tonality of them. The drawing is mixing with the brush with palette knife-made strokes. From the base drawing, lines and colors are born as of the chosen and mentally internalized picture. Also spots have an important role, that complement the made drawing.

How would you describe your creative process?

I am observing a lot and constantly, particularly the subject matter that inspired me: landscapes, trees, mountains, water, etc.

There are pictures that are sticking to my mind and from that I start each painting. It is like to take a mental picture, which I analyze constantly and end up being a painting. At the moment of painting I base on the picture, to draw it I apply observed colors and from that point on I enhance those pictures with stronger colors and also strokes, softening, mixtures of colors are born that complement the chosen picture.

What are the referents and influences in your art?

In the beginning I was attracted by the work of universal artists like Paul Cézanne and Wassily Kandinsky, even though they are different, their way of painting, their colors, their strokes they were very appealing, as I was going further in my studies and knowledge of various painters in national area, I was attracted by Guillermo Núñez and Omar Gatica, the expressiveness through the color, lines, strokes at the moment of expressing themselves in a plastic way of both artists. Their topic it was not of my interest though, I do feel close to the way of painting. Currently, I am motivated and I like so much the work of Concepción Balmes, I feel closer to her works, I am pleased the role of the color, the subtle used lines.

What is your aim as an artist?

My aim is related with my own work, every time I paint with my discoveries, my advances, my changes. It is to advance in my plastic development. Every time I face canvas in blank and I start a creation I feel exploring, discovering an endless world. Even though it is true that the beginning of a painting with a preset, studied idea, I let myself carried away by every stroke, every drawing, every spot as well. Also I have the objective mentioned above, that as a theme, I am interested in capturing value of nature.

The artist currently is working in a project of experimentation with canvas with a different format from used before. According to her, she keeps painting about themes and styles related to nature. Her works are found in Arte Al Límite’s gallery and she spreads personally her works in social networks.

Carmen says that her projections as an artist are keeping painting, learning with every picture that she paints and to exhibit in a implicit and real way. And as always, keeping dreaming and living in her work as an artist.



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