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Next week, between November 26th and December 3rd, it will be carry off the 2nd version of Art Week Stgo. The activity that will occupy several places of the commune of Providencia, it will be a tour with exhibitions featuring emerging and acclaimed artists of the national and international circuit, coming along with performing arts and music, in order to show arts in all its expressions.

In the following Christine Clément and Bernardita Garib, hosts of the event, tell us more about this new version of Art Week Stgo:

This is the second version that you organize of the art week in Santiago. How was the Art week 2016 experience?

Las year we had the experience of what means launching an unprecedented event for the first time. It was basically an enormous challenge and, clearly from the experience, we drew lessons of things that we repeated this year and others that we modified according to the audience and the target of our event. The bottom line is that it was a good start and we are happy with the great reception from the artists, sponsors, media, among others.

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What are the expectations for this edition of Art Week Stgo?

The dynamics of Art Week 2017 is different from the last year for two main reasons. The first one is that we are working in partnership with the Municipality of Providencia, which makes the spreading, logistics and execution different as well as the audience. The second reason is that this time, the activities are concentrated in specific places, not in a dispersed circuit like the last year. During the week, we have different presentations, in different spots, like Hotel Sheraton, Municipality of Providencia, 1029 Maison Italia Hotel, and 1415 Infante.

Whereby, the expectations of this year are reaching more people so they start understanding the concept of Art Week as a week of art, with free entry and for all the crowd. Basically, that the crowd feels that the art means something in a playful and dynamic way, Beside to the spirit of Art Week of including always inside of the exhibitions of visual artists, music, performance, painted bodies, workshops for children, etc.

In essence Art Week has three important hallmarks or pillars: Exhibitions of emerging and acclaimed artist, called “bridge” between Chile and Argentina, that this year includes the artist Andrea Fernández from Argentina and Ignacio Gana from Chile, both of them involved, the Embassy of the Argentinian Republic and the Chilean Cultural Centre Matta in Argentina. Likewise, we count with an activity of social assistance linked to Art, like this year, the auction of modified bikes by 20 national artists, for the benefit of the Calvo Mackenna Hospital. And the third pillar is the “Infante 1415” international fair, where apart from the visual artists that will be presenting, it includes music and other arts.

The activity that we highlight the most is the Infante 1415 exhibition, where it will be more than 100 national and international artists making exhibitions.

What activity or artist is the most prominent this year?

In respect of the activity, we highlight the Infante 1415 exhibition, where it will be more than 100 national and international artists making exhibitions. Moreover, various activities will be added on Saturday, December second at the same place, for the whole family. The address is 1415 Infante, the exhibition is called like the address.

In terms of artists, we highlight Carmen Aldunate, Concepción Balmes, María José Romero, Ignacio Gana and many foreign artists that will come to make exhibitions.

What do you think that is the contribution of Art Week in the cultural world of the city?

The contribution involves to get the art closer to people, that maybe are not familiar with the world of art and culture, and show art to them in an easier way. Generally, fairs of art in Santiago are geared towards a  specific crowd that is mostly, in one way or the other, linked to art. However, here is where Art Week makes the difference and is raised as a different activity that lasts one week. This is why performance, live music, painted bodies, facilities, workshops for children, etc are added, and some of them will be on the street as well. Thus, we can include all areas of interest, always starting from our initial motivation that are visual arts. Furthermore, all the activities have free entry which make them more inclusive.

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