150 Chilean publishing companies are linked to the Furia del Libro book fair of 2017

The most important meeting of indie publishing companies will be carried out on November 30th and December 3rd at the Gabriela Mistral Cultural Center (GAM)

“Reading is not enough anymore” is the slogan of the eleventh version of Furia del Libro book fair that this year brings together 126 publishing companies from along the country and 24 from outside. The traditional meeting of the freelance editorial production will be carried out between November 30th and December 3rd at the Gabriela Mistral Cultural Center and has free entry to the fair and to its program of cultural activities.

By citing a classic Film of 1972 of Aldo Francia, the Furia del Libro book fair keeps alive its battle in search of more and better books for everyone. In a time of crisis of reading, the Furia del Libro book fair state that “Reading is not enough anymore” and invite the reading community as a whole to promote reading through varying actions: editing, sharing, gifting, advising, writing, commenting, etc.

For that purpose it invites writers, booksellers, publishers, illustrators and other persons on this matter to create media and platforms for the distribution of the book, to broad the variety of genres, book topics and formats in order to be accessible to the crowd so new readers can be attracted, convinced that nowadays is necessary to be active for the purpose of positioning reading and books as essential aspects to develop an informed society. All of this, considering that under a recent research of UNESCO, the index of reading in our country is dramatically low, only a 7% of people read voluntarily and a half of the entire population understand what they are reading (International Survey of Adult Skills – OECD 2016)

For Furia del Libro book fair is imperative to shift the paradigm and that is what the organization intends to promote with this free entry meeting, that in less than ten years of history has gone from 18 participating publishers and 300 assistants to 18 publishers and more than 25,000 visitors. A place where people will find a great variety of literature, poetry, science, illustration and graphic arts, among other works, and will share with other writers, editors, and booksellers in a community space concerning books and reading.

International guests

In this version, prominent guests will be greeted from other countries.

From the USA will come the poet Daniel Borzutzky, the 2006 American National Book award winner and the 2017 ALTA’s National Translation Award for Poetry winner with his translation of the Chilean poet Galo Ghigliotto’s Valdivia book; also, the translator and academic poet Rachel Galvin, professor in the University of Chicago, who will come to introduce her poems and to talk about her The News Of War essay, a research about poets of war, published by the University of Oxford; and the librarian Lisa Gardinier, who is in charge of the Latin America catalog of the University of Iowa.

From Paris will come the artist and documentary fill-maker Ignasi Duarte, who will bring his project called Conversations Fictives, a kind of interrogation where writers are facing their literary texts and situations that their own characters confront; this time, the invited author is Marcelo Mellado.

Likewise, from Argentina will join us the writer and journalist Florencia Abbate, she will introduce us her novel “El grito”, the cartoonist Gustavo Sala, who besides presenting his work, he will put on a stand up comedy along with the Chilean Illustrator Rodrigo Salinas (Ratoncito) and the publisher Gustavo López, director of VOX Ediciones, who will organize an editing workshop at FAU, University of Chile. From Uruguay comes the literary agent Omaira Rodríguez to tell us about her dissemination work of authors for the Books platform from Uruguay.

But not only authors and artist will come: in order to broad and strengthen the international links of the independent edition, from Spain will come the publishing companies Blackie Books, Galera, Comanegra and Libros del Zoro Rojo, from Argentina Alto Pogo, Hudson, Eterna Cadencia among others and from Venezuela, Libros del Fuego.

Four days to celebrate and enjoy books and reading

This year, Furia del Libro fair book will have two spaces inside of GAM: on the one hand at the Plaza de la Imagen (east square of GAM) will be gathered catalogs of graphic narratives, fanzine, comic, architecture, children’s literature, photography, visual arts, illustration, genre literature and anarchism, meanwhile in Plaza de las Letras (central saquare of GAM) will be found narrative, poetry, essay and social sciences.

The fair will be opened on Thursday November 30th with the appearance of authorities of the guilds of the independent edition, as well as the National Council of Culture and the Arts and other organizations that support La Furia del Libro fair book.

Among the activities are highlighted this Thursday November 30th at 20:00 hours a lecture with poets Rachel Galvin (USA), María Cecilia Gajardo (Chile), Soledad Fariña (Chile) and narrators Florencia Abbate (Argentina), Arelis Uribe (Chile) and Daniel Acosta (Chile) in Plaza de la Imagen stage. At the same time, in the conference hall C2, it will be launched “La casa devastada” book by Carlos Cociña, with the presentation of its author and the poet Guido Arroyo.

On Friday at 18:00 hours, in the east square stage, it will be performed the anthology Reuëmn. Poetry of mapuche women, selk’nam y yámanas of the Argentinian publisher Espacio Hudston. At 19:00 hours will be carried out the discussion round “independent publishing in libraries” with the engagement of Omaira Rodríguez (Uruguay), Lisa Gardinier (USA), Karin Palacios (Chile) and Raúl Hernández (Chile). At the same time Pablo Martínez, Eric Schierloh (Barba de Abejas), Carlos Mux (Vox) will execute a discussion round about the editorial design.

On Saturday at 13:00 hours in Plaza de la Imagen stage will be launched the children’s book “El viaje espacial de Garrita” by Sergio Miranda. At 16:00 in C1 hall Grafito Ediciones will introduce the album book “SKifting”, of Dennis Gade Kofod and Anne Margrethe Kjærgaard. At 20:00 in C1 hall Andrea Jeftanovic and Federico Zurita Hecht will present the book “el grito” by Florencia Abbate, meanwhile in C2 hall Rafael Gumucio will moderate a discussion about illustration between Gustavo Sala and Malaimagen.

On Sunday at 19:00 comes one of the most anxiously awaited moment: the mythical Lectura Furiosa that will be performed at the stage in east square. Simultaneously in C2 hall, Daniel Borzutzky, Carlos Soto Román and Rodrigo Rojas will lead the conversation “Literatura chilena en Estados Unidos: difusión y traducción”; meanwhile in C1 hall the writer Marcelo Mellado will be the new target of Ignasi Duarte and his Conversations Fictives. Then, at 20:00 the poets Daniel Borzutzky and Raúl Zurita will carry out a lecture, moderated by Galo Ghigliotto.


The eleventh Furia del Libro book fair will operate in the following schedules:

Thursday November 30th, from 16:00 to 21:00 hours

Friday 1st, from 16:00 to 22:00 hours

Saturday 2nd, from 11:00 to 22:00 hours

Sunday 3rd, from 11:00 to 21:00 hours.



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