Itziar Okariz: Spain’s most promising artist pushes the limits of performance

Starting from October 27th in Madrid, there will be an exhibition by Itziar Okariz, one of the most prominent artists in Spain. The promising young artist analyzes the way in which a performance piece is constructed, its limits and its conventions within a museum.

Itzar Okaris is the artist with the most recognition in the country and who has contributed the most to the development of the performance art. In its work the connection of the language and the body is fundamental like producing elements of identity, as well as the repetition like strategy of descontextualización of significant, always to try new meaning.

Her performances propose a series of movements that move from the personal to the public, through strategies that target a structure, repeat it and differentiate it.  The artist reorganizes the notion of performance through actions and events that push the discipline to a state of crisis, and operates in new contexts where the structure of language are shaped through voice and silence.

Among some of the pieces that are showcased in the exhibition there’s Diario de sueños (2017), a collection of 57 impressions and one sound piece in which the artist presents a fragment of a her personal dream journal, which she has been keeping since 2013.  The recording consists of text fragment or repetitions of her recollection of the dreams she had the night before, or in the the case of the nearly blank pages, the things she doesn’t remember.  In a work that is both public and intimate, Okariz speaks volumes about the development of language through the uncontrolled narrative dreams offer.

Organized by the CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo in Madrid, the sample is, according to curator Jesús Alcaide, one of the artist’s most exhaustive ones to date, after decades of having settled down in New York. The title, “…a construction, that is, a hierarchy of moments, expressing large or small concepts, abstract occultism” is an fragment of the text “Poet profession” by Cesare Pavese and reveals that the artist’s work resists interpretation/ being interpreted.

The sample will be open from October 27th,2017 to January 21st, 2018 at the Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo in Madrid.  For further information, please visit:


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