Sculptor Pablo Concha arrives at Cerrillos with an installation of fossilized animals

The sample entitled “Jauría” by Chilean artist Pablo Concha will be open free of charge for the general public until November 12th at the National Center of Art in Cerrillos.

The remains of numerous cherry trees that Chilean sculptor Pablo Concha (32) found on a random day became the genesis of Jauría, an exhibition that can be visited for free until November 12th at the National Center of Contemporary Art in Cerrillos. The artist took the trees and transformed them into 30 prehistoric animals of polychrome wood from the cherry trees through the thorough work he carried out with a power saw.

“I found the remains of the trees by chance, and the idea of building this herd of animals emerged from looking at their shape. Animality is a very recurrent concept in my work. I’m interested in how as animals we have managed to change our shape and adapt to the environment we live in: arms, feet, fins, tails, etc. Jauría depicts the very first mammals that existed alongside dinosaurs and that lived hidden underground in fear of these reptiles. By living in hiding they managed to survive the worldwide cataclysm after the meteorite struck, subsequently repopulating the Earth with all the mammal species known to man today. Jauría conveys this animal primal instinct through its gestural, impure and simple quality,” the artist says.

The exhibition had a successful first showing at GAM in July with over 5,000 visits.

The installation was conceived as a dialogue between the piece and the audience, especially children.

I think that I am achieving the objective I had intended for Jauría: that it was seen by many children.” Schools are visiting the daily guided tours of the exhibit at the National Centre of Contemporary Art in Cerrillos and the response to these primitive mammals has been extraordinary. In that sense, I think that this is a fundamental role that the CNAC in Cerrillos is undertaking, incorporating the community”.

Jauría is part of the project OMA One Moment Art, the innovative artistic platform and itinerant gallery that for 3 years has been supporting artistic creation, management and promotion of national and international artists to show their work in patrimonial sites, museums, cultural centres and places for cultural activities.

“We chose Pablo Concha for his great ability to transform images into sculpture, creating tension in every one of his pieces. Chile is a country that does not have many active sculptors and we believe that Pablo is one of the most important ones, recognized both nationally and internationally  for everything he has already created. A milestone that speaks of his current relevance is the interest that two of the most important cultural centers of the country had for his work this year, which led to the showing of two exhibitions: At GAM (Jauría, July) and at Matucana 100 (Fósil, May and June) “, said José Manuel Belmar, head of One Moment Art.

About Pablo Concha

Pablo Concha was born in Santiago de Chile in 1984. He joined the School of Plastic Arts of the University of Chile, where he graduated as a sculptor in 2010. He has presented his work in Santiago, Buenos Aires, Mexico City, and New York, in several cultural centres and festivals, such as the 2014 Bronx Latin American Art Biennial. In 2015, he was awarded the Excellence Scholarship for Artistic Residency with his sculptural project entitled Nuevos Monumentos, for the installation of a sculpture series in parks all over Mexico City.

He currently works between Mexico and Chile where he developed large-format works for the public spaces and sculptures of medium-sized format for cultural centers. His short-term projects include the display of two installations: one at MAC Lima, before end of the year, and another one in the central nave of the National Museum of Fine Arts, in January 2018.

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