Arte Al Límite will launch the book “Colombia Arte Actual” at Art Chicó

The book compiles the work of tens of Colombian artists with established careers and celebrated internationally such as Maquiamelo, Evelyn Tovar and Diana Drews.

This is AAL’s 13th published book, consolidating its editorial area with diverse publications that seek to promote global contemporary art since 2013.   

On October 27th, the Chilean medium specialized in contemporary art, Arte Al Límite (AAL), will launch the book “Colombia Arte Actual” (2017), at the Art Chicó Fair in Bogota, thus contributing to the art month celebrations in the Colombian capital.

With over 200 pages, the book compiles 31 artists all recognized internationally, with different career paths, but all representative of their country. The topics they address range from the armed conflict to gender violence, passing others like critique, showbusiness and abstract pieces or the study of shapes.

The large number of featured well-established artists and its launch in a global contemporary art market, as well as the array of art fairs that exist in Colombia, reflects the great development of visual arts in the country over the past few years. This motivated AAL to work in “Colombia Arte Actual”, aiming to show the world what is being created in the South American country.

Maquiamelo’s piece entitled Andy Warhol is included in the book

“When publishing its outside perspective on Colombian contemporary art,  Arte Al Límite, brings forward a wide array of options that shake the local scene”, says the Colombian curator, professor and lecturer, Jimena Benett Rock, the curator of the book.

Artists featured in “Colombia Arte Actual” are: Maquiamelo, Evelyn Tovar, Carlos Saavedra, Diana Drews, Pablo Guzman, Bibiana Martínez, Natalia Arias, Ceci Arango, Rossina Bossio, José Sánchez “Felox”, Gloria plain, Juan Camilo Alvarez, Yosman Botero, Patricia Glauser, Liliana Glauser, Liliana Merizalde, Olivia Miranda, Johana arenas, Piedad Tarazona, Andrpes Moreno, Carlos Carmona, Adriana Ramírez, Hernán Marín, José Fernando Muñoz, María Lucía Díaz, Darío Ortiz, María Eugenia Trujillo, Camilo Parra, Alejandro Tobón and Milena Arango.

Along with the launch, a discussion group moderated by Jimena Peña Benett will be held with Colombian artists Maquiamelo, Diana Drews and María Eugenia Trujillo.

Diana Drews’ “Jardín” is also featured in Colombia Arte Actual

This is the second time that Arte Al Límite launches a book in Colombia. In 2015, the Chilean organization participated in the Barcú Art Fair with the book “Artistas chilenas del siglo XXI”.

The Art Chicó fair   will take place in the district of Chicó from October 26th to 29th and with this third edition, the event kicks off a new stage as a contemporary art fair for galleries. Particularly focused on Latin American, Spanish and Portuguese contemporary art, Art Chicó aspires to summon a total of 25 galleries that offer an ample perspective of the contemporary art production from these parts of the globe.

Arte Al Límite (AAL) is a medium specializing in contemporary art in Chile and one of the most outstanding ones in the world. With a strong presence in international art fairs, AAL distributes its bimonthly collectible magazines with in depth articles about the work of renowned artists in Chile and the whole world. Furthermore, it publishes art books and it has a vast collection of international contemporary art. Currently, AAL is seeking to bring contemporary art closer to the public through a series of free exhibitions, lectures and workshops. AAL has been the only art magazine that has been consistently published for 16 years in Chile and the world, working alongside renowned art critics like Demetrio Paparoni and Julio Sapolnik.


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