Artists exhibit their work to support arrested activists in Bogota

The Bronx Art Gallery (Bogota) inaugurated the exhibition “X +”(falso positivo) on October 19th, with artists such as Renate Costa (Paraguay), Alejandra Delgado (Bolivia), Eli Donovan (Australia), Nicholas Petrus (Brazil), Edinson Quiñones (Colombia), Jane Rainwater (USA), Eduardo telephone (Peru) and Sun Cok (Peru).

The recent arrests and processing of young activists for peace and human rights following the terrorist attack in a shopping mall in Bogota, among whom there’s an artist from the National University, are motivating growing suspicion on the implementation of a new “false positive” model, the “judicial false positive”. The President of the UN Sub-commission, International Organizations and Globalization of the German Parliament, Heike Hänsel, expressed her concern over the lack of procedural guarantees in this case.

The Bronx Art Gallery is located in downtown Bogota, in the Los Mártires area. The gallery’s name alludes to the New York ghetto, a word that now being introduced into Colombian street lexicon to designate an area that displays similar situations of receiving displaced people, experiencing extreme poverty and making illicit business deals. Colombia, along with Syria, is the country with the most displaced people in the world, where ghettos much like the Bronx area is where many of them arrive and settle themselves.

“Camándula” by Edinson Quiñones (Colombia), being venerated by the participating audience at the inauguration with cocaine leaves. Death was not considered as such by our ancestors, they regarded death as a “latent life,” which is why coca leaves acts as an intermediary.


The Bronx Art Gallery is an exhibition space and artistic residency aiming to denounce specific cases of censorship, threats, extortion, discrimination, and retaliation against artists. The gallery was founded in January 2016 by Eduardo Villanes, a Peruvian artists based in Colombia  who faced several of these restrictions in his own country, from which he is exiled.

Opening hours: Monday-Sunday, 12:00 to 9:00 pm Address: Avenida Caracas #16-49, Bogota (South exit of the Transmilenio station in Calle 19). The exhibition will close on November 10th.

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