Marisol Grisanti | Un viaje hacia los sueños

The elements that Marisol Grisanti uses to express herself commonly represent a journey. Hot air balloons, bicycles, lighthouses or landscapes emerge from her dreams and are portrayed through acrylic and charcoal, with contrasting colors that blend to produce sensations of melancholia and beauty.

“The voyage has a depth that I relate to an inner journey of knowledge, of maturity, of analyzing the most important things in life, something that’s not about going from one place to another, but about the process. That is what I try to capture in my work.”

La estética siempre ha sido un elemento de motivación para Mari Grisanti, y esa característica cree haberla heredado de sus ancestros italianos, ya que, según comenta, las veces que ha viajado a Italia se ha dado cuenta que allí, no solo las obras maestras del arte son bellas sino que cada detalle de la ciudad y sus habitantes también lo son.

Esthetics have always been an inspiration to Mari Grisanti, which she believes she inherited from her Italian ancestors. According to her, she has realized during the times she has travelled to Italy that art’s master pieces are not the only beautiful thing there, but also every detail of the city and its inhabitants.

The artist’s need to seek an esthetic in everything she paints is what distinguishes her work, where reds, blues and greens are used in a delicate and harmonious manner, her composition disposed in a way that without a doubt could constitute a scene in a movie. Her scenarios are defined by a feminine attentiveness full of nostalgia and surprise.

© Marisol Grisanti

The beginnings of her painting date back to her childhood. She attended a school in which they intensely explored the students’ artistic abilities, where she discovered her passion for art. She started with hyper-realistic pieces, later going through an abstract phase, until she arrived to what she does know, telling stories through paintings.

Although her technique resembles watercolor at first glance, the artist uses watered-down acrylics whose consistency flows with water, thus creating a special effect in her work. She creates thick color lines, which are blended horizontally or vertically to compose the artist’s identifying signature.

Some recurring icons can be observed in her work: hot air balloons, lighthouses and bicycles that speak about a journey, a theme that for the artist symbolizes a process, the passing of time and of life where everyone goes from one place to another, aiming to grow as people and be happy.

A divided life

She splits her time, mind and heart in two: in the mornings she works as a corporate journalist and in the afternoons as an artist in a small studio located inside her house. On Thursdays, she also works in the Macarena Vicuña studio, which she shares with other female artists who support each other and make progress in their work, resembling a sort of female therapy center.

In regard to Grisanti’s creative process, she states that many of her pieces come from unconscious ideas, memories and mainly dreams, often recurring dreams, that she is passionate about and tries to extract their essence to capture it in her paintings. Her current project is a clear example of this: she is portraying the houses that she has repeatedly dreamt about during her life as a way of inner exploration to understand why this happens.

In her small studio she has the sketches of what she is currently working on. She opens a notebook filled with different kinds of houses and buildings of every culture. Though unclear about their precise meaning on a subconscious level, she believes that they symbolize the place where one sets out on a journey and where one arrives to after them, an important refuge in the life of a human being that Mari Grisanti is exploring with joy and pleasure.

© Marisol Grisanti

Her artistic endeavors have kept her quite busy: “Since I started to paint, I have participated in 10 exhibitions”, the latest one, and one of the most interesting she has experienced, was the Artexpo NY, where budding artists from all over the world showcase their work. Last year she also took part of the Buenos Aires Biennale of Contemporary Art.

She is currently exhibiting two paintings in New York for the Woman in art exhibition and she is applying for other shows that will take place overseas during the second semester of the year. For the future, Mari Grisanti hopes to keep exhibiting and work towards becoming a better artist to captivate art-lovers and, of course, herself, with her work.

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