Fundación Paréntesis realiza propuesta artística con destacados artistas chilenos

Arte Ayuda 2017: Kakemonos is an art proposal of Fundación Paréntesis that aims to fuse oriental art and solidarity.

Arte Ayuda is an initiative of Fundación Paréntesis, an institution of Hogar de Cristo, that will hold a new and unprecedented exhibition between July 13th and 30th at the Casas de Lo Matta. The sample, called Arte Ayuda 2017: Kakemonos, attempts to deliver an original art proposal to Chile.

The exhibition is inspired in traditional kakemono oriental art, which consists of a scroll painting or calligraphy mounted on fabric with cylinder tubes on its edges to keep it smooth and allowing it to be rolled for storage.

The technique will be addressed by renowned national artists for the occasion of the exhibit, including Concepción Balmes, Benito Rojo, Alex Chellew, Carmen Aldunate, Bruna Truffa, Gonzalo Cienfuegos, Alejandro Balbontín, Isabel Viviani, Santiago Aránguiz, Teresa Ortúzar, Lorenzo Moya, Macarena Vicuña, Miguel De Lanú, Manuel Antonio Aguirre and Rodrigo Cabezas.

The pieces will be up for sale and engravings modeled after them will also be available for the public.


Kakemono art is originally Chinese, but its influence arrived in Japan and other countries in the Orient. They are mainly used in the famous tea ceremonies, which is why they are chosen according to the desired spiritual ambiance of the important tradition.

Harmony, respect, purity and tranquility are the concepts of Japanese art, a movement that Arte Ayuda advances in the country through consolidated authors. The idea is for artists to create a kakemono where asymmetry, simplicity and harmony are reflected, concepts of the oriental art form that are also linked to the beliefs of Fundación Paréntesis. The institution maintains that the therapeutic process of the people it treats is related to perpetual change and accepting themselves as being imperfect, yet full of beauty, much like the entire human race.

Arte Ayuda

Arte Ayuda is an art sample organized and coordinated by Fundación Paréntesis since 2006. From the time of its first edition, local artists have taken up a leading role because they generously donate their pieces to raise funds that allow poor people with alcohol and drug addictions to get treatment. Thanks to the support of the artists, in 2013 the institution founded the first therapeutic program for young women ever to be held in the country, and, this year, it will support the work done in Cerro Navia to treat homeless drug and alcohol abusing children and adolescents.



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