¿Qué pensarías de un centro de rehabilitación para tu condición de género?

The Ecuadorian photographer Paola Paredes, known for representing the reality of many homosexuals in her works, wanted to recreate the terrible experiences of these centers where “practices” are not directed by psychologists or psychiatrists, “Christian” therapies consist of all kinds of Violence, harassment and discrimination.

The cost of these centers can reach up to 500 thousand pesos per month. The artist in her project “Until you change” states that although Ecuadorian law prohibits it, most of these centers continue to be clandestinely open as treatment centers for alcoholics and drug addicts.


In the photographs, the artist makes a visual journey through the different tortures that live transsexual and lesbian patients, which begin when they are locked against their will. To find this information, Paola managed to meet one of the victims who told her how these places work (since it is prohibited to record inside).

“For six months I interviewed one of the victims, a woman who had been locked up in one of these clinics, over time, gathered up occasional testimony from other women.” 

Below some images from the collection “Until you change” with testimonies of the people interviewed by Paola Paredes:


“At 6 am, the girls are told to line up, three at a time, to enter the bathroom. If they do not respond with order and obedience, they are threatened with severe discipline and their misbehavior is recorded in the notebook of anomalies.

“She is alone for a maximum of seven minutes, a minimum of four, for her shower. What follows are hours of Catholic music, strict study of the book of Alcoholics Anonymous and therapy for their “disorder” of homosexuality.


“The inmates enter the dining room online. They say ‘good fortune’, eat their lunch in silence and say thank you. You have to remain silent. In their dishes is tuna and rice, bread or watery noodle soup.

“Between meals, the refrigerator door remains locked. At times, residents may request that parents bring them certain types of meals. But otherwise the refrigerator is closed all the time. “

“Over the weekend, inmates are allowed to watch a movie while eating a cookie or a piece of chocolate. It’s the only moment of pleasure they have every week when the demands of the weekly routine emotionally affect the girls.

“Some of the young women have reported being raped by several male employees as part of treatment programs to cure homosexuality. Others still have vague memories that suggest they were sexually assaulted after being drugged. ” 




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