El Arte contemporáneo alemán es premiado en La Biannale Di Venezia

“Faust”, of the recognized Contemporary Germany artist Anne Imhof is a series of performances with actors dancing, moving and looking intensely into the eyes of the visitors in an environment that looks like a mixture of prison, hospital or dungeon sadomasochistic, the work takes life under or above a transparent Plexiglas floor, the actors of that Living facility, which lasts five hours, appeal to the “zombiezation” of the “capitalist body”, the “death of sexuality” and “masturbation as regression and opposition.”

The jury of the 57th edition of “La Biennale”, chaired by the Spanish Manuel Borja-Villel, distinguished the provocation exhibited in the national pavilion of Germany by Anne Imhof, who won the Golden Lion of the event, and also awarded the award to the best artist of the exhibition “Viva Arte Viva” to the German Franz Erhard Walther.

Among the artists of the present edition, the American Mark Bradford, who composed an official representation of the art of his country in rejection to the current administration of Donald Trump, emphasized

For Latin America, Argentina was represented by the sculptor Claudia Fontes; Mexico with the encrypted language that is transformed into sounds elaborated by Carlos Amorales; Chile with the Mapuche masks that watch the visitors and that unfolds Bernardo Oyarzún, or the pavilion of Bolivia that for the first time has own space in the Biennial.




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