Todo listo para inédito Programa de Alta Dirección Pública en Gestión Cultural

“Culture implies socialization and transformation, but it also implies values, shared codes, actions and participation. All this makes the cultural sector a strategic sector that generates economic resources capable of contributing to sustainable development and social cohesion. Thus defines Ana Velasco, Director of the Program of High Public Management in Cultural Management Goberna Latin America, to an instance of formation unprecedented in our lands.

The program aims to provide the necessary tools to train leaders in the sector, prepared for the generation of public policies that are a real contribution to society.

The starting point was on Monday, May 8 at Centro Cultural Estación Mapocho. Twenty students, selected after a process of public convocation, began a tour of more than 180 curricular hours that will extend until August.

“I think there is not a single trait for this leadership, but a number of capabilities.” Ana Velasco supports the profile of future graduates. “The first is the ability to develop a strategic reasoning to understand cultural diversity and cultural trends, analyze and structure, interdisciplinary, the changes, problems and challenges affecting the sector.” He confirms.

The Director of the Program of High Public Management in Cultural Management Goberna Latin America adds. “On the other hand, it must be able to establish goals, take decisions assuming the responsibility that derives from them and be able to establish networks and create qualified teams whose collaboration is necessary for the success of the policy previously defined.”

In this sense, the institution seeks to respond to the growing need to access a preparation that allows approaching the decision making with an innovative vision. All from the hand of renowned teachers and academics from Chile and abroad, such as Eduardo Rabelino, Director of the Museum of the Carnival of Uruguay; Jesús Sánchez, Patron and Vice-President of the Ortega y Gasset Foundation; Arturo Navarro, Director of the Mapocho Station Cultural Center; among others.



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