El Gobierno prohíbe la salida de España de ‘Retrato de niña’, atribuible a Velázquez

The order issued by the Ministry of Culture, signed by the State secretary Fernando Benzo qualifies the new work attributed to Velázquez as “impossible to export”, so prevents it from leaving Spain. It’s important to note that the “immaculate young” as some call it, will be auctioned today in the Madrid Abalarte room. The retention of the artwork in the country of origin is a first precautionary measure in the absence of more exhaustive studies that define whether that oil came from the paint brush of the Sevillan painter.

“This is where everyone has gone”, said Mónica Martín, an expert on Abalarte’s old painting, the past Tuesday alongside the work from which an employee doesn’t break out all day. “More than the danger of theft, so that it doesn’t suffer any damage.” With “everybody” he referred to different specialists in the work of Velázquez. For the time being, the attribution of the canvas to Velázquez is due to the old painting expert Richard de Willermin, who hasn’t doubt that it’s an early work of the artist, when he hadn’t yet traveled to the Court, in Madrid.
De Willermin the date around 1617, contemporary to the Immaculate Focus Foundation Abengoa that is in Seville. The professor of Art History at the Complutense University of Madrid, Francisco Calvo Serraller, on the same day that the work was announced gave value to De Willermin’s opinion, “seems a fertile vein,” he said.

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