Presentan exposición “Quinta, Arte Contemporáneo-Región de Valparaíso”

CCU art gallery brings together the work of 11 artists from the artistic scene of the Valparaíso region. The exhibition “Quinta, Contemporary art-Region of Valparaíso”, arises from the interest of demonstrating the art of regions and include the production of young talent will be open to the public until 31 May.

The artists based their production on the observation of the city’s own objects, where the architectural, social and symbolic perspectives paint a language that makes evident a particular meaning, the locality of the stories and the relation of the imaginary porteño. The title of the sample, meanwhile, alludes to the local production scenario of Valparaiso, validated by teachers, artists and managers who carry out the difficult task of promoting and diffusing the circuit.

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The exhibition includes works by Carlos Silva, Danila Ilabaca, Gabriel Holzapfel, Juana Díaz, José Pemjean, Nicholas Jackson, Pablo Saavedra & Javiera Marin, Pablo Suazo, Renato Órdenes and Sebastián Gil with references, styles and visual and symbolic representations that speak of the region of Valparaiso, his works that approach glances that go beyond the institutionalization, referring to more intimate, trustworthy and human scale scenarios, such as the art galleries of the hills Of the V Region.



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