Espacio Cultural OEI y Anna Rank muestra Símbolos Humanos de la artista Anna Rank

OEI Cultural Space and Anna Rank shows Human Symbols of the artist Anna Rank curated by Nadia Paz.

The exhibition will take place at the OEI Cultural Space, Paraguay 1514, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

To build or to deconstruct, that is the question. Anna Rank’s works of synthetic and geometric lines include empty space as part of creation and give it a new entity. They freeze centuries of culture in a stroke and renew the native Latin American spirit of the origins of the peoples. The recovered symbology is transformed and reflowed in the form of our own bodies, producing a mirrored encounter with our roots. ”

* Extract of curatorial text by Nadia Paz.

Read more:
“Human Deconstruction”, drawings and wires by Anna Rank in Buenos Aires




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