Artistas se reúnen desde este viernes en Santiago

During 4 days, the visual artists will gather at the FAXXI 2017, more than 90 artists will exhibit their works and discussed with the public from Friday the 7th until Sunday, April 9th ​​at Parque Bicentenario, Vitacura. The fair focuses mainly on emerging artists: 70% of them are under the age of 35, and 80% participate for the first time. However, there will also be artists of middle-track record and renowned. Paula Ceroni, is one of the creators that participated in the event with his work Selknam/ Cotton Fabric Thinning, she confirm that “explore the thread as central elements” who play a double role in her work.

For his part, photographer Raimundo Lagos presents Recolector N ° 1, this series reflects about of the passage of time in the city. The public space, conceived by the void left by buildings built. In the same way, the artist Camila Lobos will be exhibiting Columna neón, where she says that “the work has as its central axis light and architecture, as synonymous the idiosyncrasy of each territory.”



Chilean reporter and photographer Andrea Manuschevich will also be present with her series “De Cordillera a mar”, a work where the artist captures “fractions of reality, combining the esthetic with the documentary.” Her work don’t has a specific line, says Manuschevich, however, I have focused on going creating new material I have realized that this is usually about spaces and characters.”


Just like that, Roberto Pasminio will exhibit La Obra de la Montaña the photographer say “is born of chance, from the photographic experimentation, from the obsessive”



The Argentinean Edward Pearson, will show Composition 2, “my creative process born simply of the need to express myself outside the territory of applied art (graphic design) confirm the artist.

Zamudio Totoy is another of the artists present at the event, the artist will present Una familia camino a la III in digital engraving “Today I have clear that art can change the world, or should change it” says the artist around his work.


The price of the ticket to this event is $6000 in Parque Bicentenario de Vitacura.



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