Zarathustra: el gato que participa de la historia del arte

The Russian artist, Svetlana Petrova, transferred the great love for her cat to the most important artworks of history. In a photography project, Svetlana used a cat as a model, and then she realized that the photo session with that cat had very good results, so she thought she could try with her own cat. For her, Zarathustra is a cat that complies with all the conditions to become a star; he’s fat, spoiled and according to the website dedicated to the feline: “he’s the best cat in the world”.


The experiment started with a photo session of the cat while he was eating, in order to introduce him to the dead nature of the Dutch painting with the help of a photo editing software. The success of this test led Svetlana to go through histories of art together with Zarathustra. One time, she showed the result to other artists and gallerists and she knew she has created something interesting: her pieces were hilarious.

That was how she focused on writing a book to show this work, thinking about those people that were attracted by the cat’s sympathy and also interested in the paintings so, later, they would seek for information about these works and learn, as well as Svetlana did with her cat Zarathustra.

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