Arte de exportación: Próxima parada. Artistas peruanos en la Colección Hochschild

A selection of 66 artworks by Peruvian artists is part of the Hochschild’s collection and is being exhibited in La Sala Alcalá 31 in Madrid. The exhibition was curated by the Latin American Octavio Zaya in order to let the people look over the works of different dimensions, textures, and reasons.


“Ambiente de estereo: realidad”, de José Carlos Martinat.

Eduardo Hochschild, the business owner of the mining, has taken as a goal to highlight national art on the international map, which is reflected in his work as a member of MAC-Lima (Lime Contemporary Art Museum) and Fondo de Arte Latinoamericano y Caribeño del MoMa. His collection is composed of mainly contemporary art, but also has modern, religious and pro-Indian pieces included in his work, coming from painting, graphic work, sculpture, photography, video art, video projections, installations, and multidisciplinary projects from artists such as Martín Chambi, Fernando de Szyslo, Jorge Eduardo Eielson, Emilio Rodríguez Larraín o Elena Damiani, Milagros de la Torre, Fernando Bryce or Mario Testino.

The exhibition “Próxima parada. Artistas peruanos en la colección Hochschild”, in Madrid considers 66 works, some of them come from Perú’s patrimony, made in the last 3 decades by 43 renowned artists. This is the first opportunity for the Spanish people to know the Peruvian artistic program and for Eduardo Hochschild to see part of his collection in one place. The exhibit order makes aesthetic and conceptual connections easier when it does not follow a chronological order, the pieces group up by their own attractions and connections.

The viewer will see an exhibition where there are works that have inspired its materiality and poetry of mythology, culture, history, geography, anthropology, or Peruvian politic reality, several artists living together at Sala Alcalá 31 in Madrid, until April 16th.

“Murukocha”, de Alfredo Márquez.



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