Aaron López | La historia de un chalaco

On Saturday, March 4th at Ronald building, located in Callao Monumental, the exhibit of the Peruvian artist Aaron López was opened to the public. On its second floor, A A & A Gallery was in charge of taking in Lo bueno de lo malo, which is an exhibition that tells the story of a chalaco creator in his nearest and immediate context

The curatorship was under the responsibility of Sophia Durand and it allowed viewers to enjoy a well-structured exhibition showing an intense dialogue between each one of the works presented in this space. Everything was joined by a common theme: the object-book (Your dog barks, mine too, 2016/2017) that was at the entrance to the gallery, which it has several stories that, for the artist, are just fiction but when you stop in his lecture you realize that there is a lot of relation to what is being narrated and what people see in each one of the rooms.

Teaspoon, oil, acrylic sheet, presses and steel cable.

According to the curator’s words, “it is a multidisciplinary exhibition that ranges from oil, including the ready made or the objet trouvé, to graffiti and narration”. This proposal is unique and with high aesthetic, conceptual and formal values make the space of the gallery a place where the metaphor is now important at the moment of making lectures possible. The public can see portraits of characters from the creator’s mind and, at the same time, the intense gaze of every portrait makes us part of his daily avatars, also, the representations range from human figure to everyday objects. Everything has its meaning, nothing is placed randomly.

The work “Evidencia”, in my opinión, is one of the works that has the most conceptual strength in the exhibition and reflects one of the most dramatics situations of the society. There are six small-scale yellow canvas distributed in the space telling the viewer that something unfortunate happened in that area. Everyone was astonished while watching the scene. Many questions and answers come to our minds. It will have a solution.

Pieces of evidence, oils and canvas, 2017.

The object-book is in every step we take inside the gallery, for example, according to Aaron López’s story about “Raulito”: “I opened the bag pack with my glasses on and the first thing I saw was something shining timidly among the bulges and, much to our surprise, it was a 38, short barrel, Smith & Wesson”; this extract supports the drawing made on a wood table which was found by the artist, a pistol is represented as a nonliving object. The environment is created, the artist and the curator of the exhibition chose for a resource (to paint some walls of the gallery with drawings simulating the graffiti’s aesthetic) that gives a kind of drama to everything that we were told.

The exhibit Lo Bueno de lo malo must be considered an obligatory visit for everyone who loves good Peruvian contemporary art. Aaron López has always had his ideas clear on what he wants to do. The space A A & A Gallery was the perfect place for this artist to display all his imagination that ended up being a pure reality.

Jeriko, oil and acrylic sheet. 2016.



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