“La red como símbolo de la memoria” en el Palacio Ferreyra

Artists such as Cecilia Picca, Nancy Diaz and Cecilia Strasorier, think about the net, interlaced textile fibers as a material representation of the memory. These threads have interpretations, stories, events and painful memories. These are exhibited to reflect, to heal social wounds from the dictatorship that, despite the passing of time, it keeps hurting. This memory houses two times: the past, where events happened and the present where they think about those events again. They give a new meaning to this tragic event through every viewer’s experiences, interlacing the net with written blindfolds.

Every disappearance and memory live with the subjectivity and complexity of the human condition. Exhibited with the theme materiality, they invite the guests to extend the net, leaving their words in white bandages tied to the impressions picked by the artists.

The intervention will be carried out on the floor with the room intended to the works by the artist Carlos Alonso at the Evita museum of fine arts – Ferreyra Palace; from Thursday, March 23rd between 12:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m.; the show will continue on the 24th, inviting the public to be part of this proposal, joining to the 17 meters of memory.



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