Una Galería Callejera recorre Santiago

Galería Callejera is an itinerant exhibition hall, with multidisciplinary artworks that travel long distances exhibiting projects that can be appreciated by a critical mass that does not visit galleries or museums. In a word is a bet that opens the spaces to a public as heterogeneous as the projects exhibited such as happened on January 19 in front of the National Museum of Fine Arts with In situ, a video installation inside a motor adapted vehicle Especially as a large showcase that takes art to the people with an exhibition that is inserted in the middle of the cityscape.


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As a reflection on how to address public spaces, making a transfer on what it means to grow and live in the peripheral sectors of Santiago, this art installation and video of the visual artist Ignacio Traverso takes as a reference the Zanjón de la aguada, that old affluent with organic waste that is born in the Pre mountain range and ends in La Farfana in Maipú. A canal that eventually …. the city of Santiago with a cut where center and periphery are divided in the south sector. Place where the mythical “callampas” and landings took place that at the beginning and middle of century XX, gave rise to la Victoria, icon founding of the popular populations, that certainly participates of this art installation where Ignacio Traverso elaborates a poetic marginal landscape Which tells a personal and collective history, related to those who suffer a degree of degradation, such as the curator Isabel Núñez says – “Places that nobody talks about, but they have been there crossing and demarcating the territory since forever.”

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This video installation makes visible a residual landscape inserting a place inside another, in a sort of graft that incorporates transitorily, not only landscapes, but contrasted realities like a collage that when mimicking, makes its inhabitants feel integrated to a mutable scene that evidences a journey where Traverso walks along the route of a sink where both emotional and physical waste will end up. Objects that are thrown into the Zanjón of life and are incarnated in tires, boxes of fruit or containers in disuse that nobody sees, but that exist as part of these places and that the own Traverso explains: “To make all type of registries of this Channel is to talk about poverty, assaults, ruin, landfills, death, etc. As a witness of the changes and events that have passed through this affluent, my vision becomes part of my own life, Zanjón witnessed my childhood and adolescent life, over the years, I was still there dividing the capital, the topic was always a reason for nostalgia.”



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